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So, I recently have become obsessed with this group, like madly obsessed, and just thought I should share them. They are a group of complete morons, bias list wreckers, an all around amazingly adorable guys.
So this is the video where I first discovered them and completely got hooked on them. They are such funny individuals.
I'll introduce them to you. This is the leader, P-Goon
This is Jenissi, he is such and AMAZING rapper, he's so adorable!!! He's definitely a bias list wrecker for me.
This little cutie be Sangdo
He'd be Nakta
This is Hojoon, I absolutely love his green hair, if you can't tell.
This one is A-Tom
This little list wrecker goes by Xero, he's so darn cute!!!
Now introducing this amazing rapper and Maknae, Yano
This super cute wrecker is B-Joo, he is so cute and weird, I just love him!!
This would be my bias of the whole group, his name is Hansol, he's super weird and amazing and just all around adorable!!
These 3 are Kidoh, Gohn, and Seogoong(in order).There are 3 of the original 13 members, but now there are only the 10.
Hanjoo has to be my ultimate ship in the whole Kpop universe. They are so cute together!!
Here are a few of there videos, I really hope you guys love them as much as I do!!!
Xero and Jenissi are bae tbh like omf
I love them
xero and b-joo omg so adorable~!!! ive been fans of toppdogg for a while now since their first debut haha
Yes Hojoon is my bae!
I saw a few of their videos and liked the music but the videos were so out there for me. but yes on my list of groups I want to keep watching
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