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Truly an amazing anime. I enjoyed every minute of it. I highly recommend it, the action was great and the characters were so badass
@tylor619cruz holy shit!!! this show is so awesome! is visually stunning in a really unique way the action is gripping and just got damn!! Netflix, damn Netflix back at it again with the bad ass show! go watch it!
@tylor619cruz the story synopsis made me interested, but I think I'll watch the first episode now and let ya know. There are these beings known as Ajin with some special powers and this young man finds out he is one and the government like comes after him to do messed up experiments and he meets some other Ajin that are gonna fight back. seems legit!!
It was awesome, can't wait for season 2 @AimeBolanos
@SAMURXAI 7 deadly sins
I just want to say, Netflix bought the rights and produced the English dubbed version. Which is amazing the dubbed version is extremely accurate in the translations. Overall they did a good job producing the English dubbed version. A-1 pictures made the Japanese version.
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