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so I've been at work pretty much all day but go on snapchat and see the boys (men technically but you would never be able to tell) are having too much fun with life this seriously made my night
Simon D is probably the most beautiful human being ever idk how he's 31 (32) because he seems 5 to me
I seriously can't with Jay how the hell is this man almost 30 then dude literally has ducky socks....I mean we match but ..I can't
Gray honestly needs no description he's just perfectly & adorably sexy
then we have my side bae pumpkin he's seriously the man , he's the cutest ever and soo sweet and I mean look at how hot he is
last we have the man that literally ruined my life ...Loco is wouldn't even call him a man he's pretty much an adorable little hamster baby ughhhh this man seriously came in Miley Cyrus style and wrecked my life ... I always had my eye on him but damn loco i was not ready but look at him!! and in a damn Pikachu hat are you trying to kill me ....
@KellyOConnor 😂😂😂 I had too they were too cute and makes me feel less bad about my macaroni socks😂
glad I wasn't the only one to screen shot those socks! 😂😂😂
How are you able to follow Jay?