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Since nobody picked the Hawks-Celtics matchup, I'm changing challenge number two to Clippers-Trail Blazers. @mchlyang @DavidGom @shannonl5 @DucktheFodgers @EvanYannetti Don't forget to make your picks! The NHL playoffs are underway and the NBA playoffs start Saturday night. To spice things up, I have decided to do an NHL/NBA playoff challenge series. Here are the rules: 1. For each round of the NHL and NBA playoffs, I will select one series for the challenge. The participants must pick the team they think will win and the number of games they think the series will be settled in. 2. If the team you selected wins the series, you get 2 points. 3. If the team you selected wins AND you correctly picked the number of games, you get an additional 2 points for a total of 4. 4. If your team wins but you are off on the number estimate by 1 game you get 1 point for a total of 3. 5. If your team wins but you are off by 2 or more games you receive no additional points for a total of 2 points. 6. If your team loses, you can earn a consolation point for either A) having the number of games right or B) if the series goes to 7 games. In this way, it is possible to earn anywhere from 0 to 4 points for each series for a maximum total of 32 points across 8 series (4 NHL, 4 NBA).
I'm also watching the Spurs - Grizzlies game right now
Clippers in 7!
Clippers in 5
I'm going with the Clippers in 6
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