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Hello! Mod Here, and The reason for this card is to inform the Community about different ideas for games and such, that my support and I have decided on.

☆ Screenshot Games:

I'm a Season veteran in making them, so I want to make these a common thing here in the community.

☆ Reactions:

We will Come up with Different Scenarios, and match Gifs to the reactions that our Boys would have.

☆ Interactive Story Screenshot Games:

Your Fate decides on the outcome of your screenshots for the story. It will consist of multiple parts, and scenarios.

☆ Dating Games:

I will Comprise this into further detail when I get all details sorted out.

☆ Different Challenges:

Again, further details will be disclosed at a later date.

Furthermore, if you would be interested in these games, I'm Comprising a New Tag list For the stated Above, So leave a comment Below ⬇

☆☆ I'm also Making a New Folder for these Games. Be sure to follow, so if something Happens, and I happen to misspell your name, you atleast won't miss out on the games.

Tagging CandY Mod Squad:

Tagging YakPak:

Tagging Requested For Cross Gene:

@PrettieeEmm No problem Sweetheart!! ♡
@AimeeH thank you. I'll go check it out 😀
@PrettieeEmm I'll add you love!! I have the first game up!! It's in the above folders!
mee please!!
@Annaharris1989 No problem Darlin!! ♡♡
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