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💭 Ideas for The Cross Gene Community!

Hello! Mod Here, and The reason for this card is to inform the Community about different ideas for games and such, that my support and I have decided on.

☆ Screenshot Games:

I'm a Season veteran in making them, so I want to make these a common thing here in the community.

☆ Reactions:

We will Come up with Different Scenarios, and match Gifs to the reactions that our Boys would have.

☆ Interactive Story Screenshot Games:

Your Fate decides on the outcome of your screenshots for the story. It will consist of multiple parts, and scenarios.

☆ Dating Games:

I will Comprise this into further detail when I get all details sorted out.

☆ Different Challenges:

Again, further details will be disclosed at a later date.

Furthermore, if you would be interested in these games, I'm Comprising a New Tag list For the stated Above, So leave a comment Below ⬇

☆☆ I'm also Making a New Folder for these Games. Be sure to follow, so if something Happens, and I happen to misspell your name, you atleast won't miss out on the games.

Tagging CandY Mod Squad:

Tagging YakPak:

Tagging Requested For Cross Gene:

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@Annaharris1989 No problem Darlin!! ♡♡
2 years ago·Reply
@PrettieeEmm I'll add you love!! I have the first game up!! It's in the above folders!
2 years ago·Reply
@AimeeH thank you. I'll go check it out 😀
2 years ago·Reply
@PrettieeEmm No problem Sweetheart!! ♡
2 years ago·Reply