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Okay, so first of all, I am a HUUUGE B2UTY, BBC and EXO-L. The original songs will forever be my favourite, but I really really liked this!! Honey10's your boys are REALLY talented, their voices are BEAUTIFUL! 12:30 - Whoever covered Dongwoon's part did a beautiful job, same to whoever covered Hyunseung's part. I really like this cover, and that kids high notes made my eyes tear with joy!! Her - This was okay, I'm just soooo used to hearing Block B's voices on Her, that hearing thus sounded a little off, especially that deeper voice. That caught me off guard. Love Me Right - Uuuugggghhhhhh, 10/10!! I really liked this one, but I'm sad they didn't do Sehun's rap line.... But, whoever it was covering Baek's part is gifted with a beautiful voice!! I apologize if I spelled the name wrong, I'm not into Up10tion...