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The last prompt of the Nakama Campfire Challenge is upon us, truth be told I'd rather this go on forever, alas every beginning must have an end. So here we are with the last one, that being What do I want to see happen going forward in our community!?
This community has brought so much fun and excitement to our lives, it saddens me to say this is the final {NC} challenge card, that being said, why stop here? I think this community is great already how it is.
I'd like for us to be able to have more of these types of challenges, actually any types of challenges! I look forward everyday to making these cards with you all and reading what you have to say on your cards as well. Whether they are a type of reveal challenge as said by @SAMURXAI where we talk about ourselves a little more. Or something like @OtakuDemon10 said where we share new and unique anime with one another, ones that are not always seen here daily.
I think more of us could come together and make more fun challenges and things like that for our community instead of leaving all the work up to @hikaymm @blackoutzj @InVinsybll @voidx @sontyler and all the other mains that have been coming up with these fantastic challenges and other cards for us to do. We shouldn't have to be inspired by a giveaway, although they are a great way to motivate people. I think we could get ourselves motivated on our own just to have fun with one another.
Oh man! I just love this neko laser gun gif! It always makes me smile! Well hope you all have enjoyed my cards and I hope to make more fun ones in the future! Let's come up with some great fun things to do to inspire more people to join our community!
@SonTyler thanks man. hopefully we can realize some of the these ideas we share
Holy crap great card. You and me have similar hopes for this community.