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Downpour {Jackson}

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“It’s not that far, is it?” Jackson asked, leaning closer to the window to get a better look at the sky above. The two of you had been out shopping for the afternoon when a powerful rainstorm rolled over the city.
You mimicked his action, peeking at the bleak clouds outside the shop. “I guess not. Plus, it’d be cheaper…” You mumbled in response, the corner of your mouth hooking back skeptically. “Let’s go now before I change my mind.” You huffed, moving for the door. Jackson followed closely, adjusting his snapback on the way out.
The rain immediately began pelting your face. You raised a hand to block it and glanced back at Jackson. He snatched your free hand with pursed lips and set a quick pace, screaming as you jogged past the first two or three stores. Puddles were already flooding dips in the side walk, and with the reckless running you kept splashing straight into them, shooting water up the legs of your pants. You tried not to mind it too much, but a particularly deep one left you squealing with cold rainwater drenching up to your hips.
“Wait, wait!” Jackson hollered over the downpour, guiding you into the alcove of a store’s doorway. In the brief and minor relief of the rain, he dug into one of his bags, pulling out a fresh black jacket, white tags still hanging from it. He handed it to you and, when you tried to turn it down, he rolled his eyes and practically forced you into it. Tugging the hood over your wet hair, he smirked slightly. “Should’ve done this earlier.” He turned around, looking at you over his shoulder. “Climb on.”
“No, no, it’s okay!” You shook your head, hands up as if to block him. He insisted but you continued denying. He backed up progressively until you were squished between his back and the water-speckled door of the shop. “Jackson!” You couldn’t help the laugh that tagged along with your whine.
“Come on already.” He urged, grinning at his own antics. He went so far as to wiggle his butt against you. “I want to get home.”
“My pants are already wet!” You tried to reason, grabbing onto his shoulders and placing your forehead between his shoulder blades. He gasped dramatically and, realizing the implication, you rolled your eyes and jabbed lightly at his ribs. “Shut up.”
“I’m not moving until you do it.” You could hear the smirk in his tone. With a begrudging sigh, you agreed and hopped onto his back. His hands hooked around your thighs comfortably while you locked yours around his shoulders and neck. “Alright, let’s do it!” He bounced in place as preparation before taking off, running as fast as he could with you on his back. You tugged your hood forward more and tucked your head between his neck and your arm. You could hear the plastic of the shopping bags slapping against his thigh every other beat of his run.
Eventually you reached his building, where he rushed inside and didn’t set you down until you were waiting for the elevator, dripping all over the lobby floor. He was panting heavily, face flushed. You grabbed his arm gently, watching his expression. “You alright?”
“Yeah.” As always, the manly front was up and he was readjusting his hat, turning the sopping fabric backwards now. The elevator doors opened and the two of you stepped inside. As you pressed the floor level, you still heard his panting.
“I’m sorry.” You looked at him apologetically, wringing the cloth of your jacket— his jacket.
“I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t want to.” He gave a slight smile, peeling his long-sleeve off, leaving him in his usual black tank top. You averted your eyes, feeling your face warm up at the sight of his damp arms flexing.
You pulled his jacket off easily and lifted it. “I’ll dry this for you.” You informed as the doors parted and the hallway was revealed. The two of you entered his dorm and slipped out of your shoes. “Could I borrow something to wear while I throw these in the dryer?” You asked, pulling at the fabric of your wet shirt.
He fought a wide smile and nodded. Wringing at the shirt he’d taken off, he then offered it to you. “Will you put that in, too? I’ll get you clothes and some blankets.”
Twenty minutes later and the two of you were cuddled closely on the couch, both of you wearing different combinations of his clothes. You left the TV off, choosing instead to be close and simply listen to the downpour. Jackson fell asleep quickly, his even breathing puffing against the top of your head. One of his hands rested limply at your back while the other was between you, cupping one of your own. You ran your fingers along his collarbone, your touch light as a feather. Eventually you nodded off, too.


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I love me some Jackson fluff :)
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my baby Jackson 💜💜💜💜
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Awweee Jackson!!
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I just really love these!!!
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Why so short ! Nice story ! Tag me please !
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