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So here is my card for the fan fic @aliendestina is doing In all honesty I feel really awkward doing a card about myself... but here goes nothing
So I'm totally self-conscious and as a rule do NOT post pictures of myself on any type of social media. That said, I compromised because aliendestina requested one. Sorry, it is just my eyes, and I obviously had fun playing with the effects - but my eyes really are green :) I am also blindingly fair skinned (thank you Irish ancestors). I used to be very self-conscious of this, and growing up was often teased about my inability to get any sort of tan. I love playing with fun hair colors, and my current hair is a purplish color - but that will probably be changing soon :)
I am Jimin's noona, and when I first found out how old he was, I ran away - determined to find a bias who was a bit older. He just kept popping up everywhere though - on all my feeds, smiling and body rolling his way up my bias list until finally I just said f*** it, and stopped resisting. I think he is beyond adorable! He has that baffling combination of sweet adorableness that makes me want to pinch his cheeks and then all of a sudden *WHAM!!!!!* he is overflowing with sexiness as he bites his lip and makes me think things that I'm pretty sure are illegal in most places..... Damn it, Jimin. You just couldn't stay in your lane, could you???!!! *sigh*
So a little more about me: - My name is Theresa, but I also go by Rese or Resa. - I am currently in school working towards my degree and plan to transfer schools in about a year or so to be able to get my certification to teach English as a foreign language (hopefully in Korea or possibly Japan) - I live for music - I have it on all the time. I primarily listen to kpop, but I like a wide variety of music. My favorite bands are Big Bang, BTS, 2NE1, VIXX, and Got7. -I love reading and I hoard books. I have 5 bookcases filled with books and am going to have to get another soon. - I love tattoos, but only have 2 because I also have a huge fear of commitment. My left wrist says "life is" and my right wrist says "I am" - I am an amateur ghost hunter, and have been doing it off and on for about 15 years. - I collect money from around the world, and have some from about 14 different countries. -I also collect socks. I love cute socks and have everything from dragons and sharks to jackalopes and penguins, stripes, polka-dots, hearts, and anime, but naturally my favorites are my over 2 dozen kpop pairs. It's a weird obsession, but I embrace it ;) -People often think I'm either stuck - up or shy initially because I'm pretty quiet and don't open up to others easily. When I am comfortable around someone though I am a completely different person. I love being silly and tend to be a bit (okay, maybe VERY) sarcastic. I am loyal to a fault, and will give people I care about the benefit of the doubt and multiple chances, but once that trust is broken and I'm really hurt I have an extremely hard time forgiving. -I am not a girly-girl. I live in jeans, tee shirts, converse, and snap backs. When the occasion calls for dressing up though, I bring it. I have all the cute dresses and skirts, I just prefer my comfy jeans. So that's about it. I found more to share than I thought I would - must be because I am getting more comfortable around my amazing Vingle friends :) A huge thank you to aliendestina!!! - I look forward to reading this fan fic!