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This is just a little something for a BTS story. Tell me if you like it and why, tell me if you don't like it and why. Thank you! It's also very short.
You sighed as you walked away from the house. You didn't want to cry. Not over him. You looked up at the sky as you felt something hit your head. It was raining... Just your luck. You didn't have an umbrella, and your house was miles from here. 'Damn it Jin...' You thought about your boyfriend, well, ex boyfriend. How dare he send you out in the middle of the night, in the rain. 'Don't cry (name), not over him...' You tried to tell yourself. You didn't want to walk all the way back home, in the rain at night. You pulled out you phone, calling one of you close friends, which just happened to be one of his close friends. You sighed as all you could think of was Jin as you called the person. "Hello?" The phone finally picked up after three rings and you thought you should hang up, good thing you didn't because he finally answered. "Jungkook!" You screamed into the phone as you finally let tears roll down your already wet face, sobbing into the phone. "(N-name)?" Jungkook asked, looks like he just answered his phone without looking to see who was calling. "(Name), why are you crying?" He asked in a worried voice, it was ten something at night and you weren't home, of course he would be worried. You didn't know what to say to Jungkook on the other end of the phone. You were a crying mess, sobbing was all Jungkook could here. "(Name), talk. What are you doing out here so late?" Jungkook asked, worry was clearly understood in the tone of his voice. After a few more sobs, you choked out some words. "J-Jin.... H-h-he broke up with me...." You said, sobbing on every word. A hand went up to your face to wipe all the tears that just kept pouring out like an endless waterfall. After what seemed like forever, Jungkook finally spoke. "Where are you? I'm coming to get you." You gave him you location and he said he would be there in ten minutes and that's when you hung up. You sighed and put your phone away. You were lucky you had a good friend like Jungkook to help you out. But the only reason you knew Jungkook was because of Jin. Thid made you want to run back into Jin's arms as tears kept filling your eyes. All you could think about was Jin and the words he said when he broke up with you. "It's over. I just... I just don't love the same way I used to, I found someone else, and we just kind of click, better than the way you and me do. But hey, we can still be friends, right?" And then he smiled, like everything was alright. Friends? How could I be friends with you, and every time I look I you, I remember all the things we did together. All the kisses we shared together. Five years of love, gone to waste. All because we don't click as well as you do with some other girl. You took out your phone, checking the time. Jungkook said he'd be here five minutes before now. You sighed and began to walk home. Forget it, it's not like you couldn't walk home by yourself anyways. You put your phone in the back pocket of your skinny jeans. As you were walking, you couldn't shake off the feeling you were being followed. You turned you head to see behind you, but you didn't see anyone. You sighed, maybe you were imagining. As you turned your head back around you dumped into someone. "S-sorry!" You stuttered out as you looked up at the guy you bumped into, that looked a foot taller than yourself. The man smirked, as if he was some mad scientist. This scared you. It was getting to eleven o'clock and you still weren't home. "It's fine..." The guy in front of you said. "What are you doing out here all alone? Don't you know you could get hurt." He said, licking his lips. "And man, a sexy girl like yourself is bond to get into something.....nasty.". You stepped back slightly, fear coming into your body. "I-I'm sorry but I need to go home!" You said as you tried to slip past him and run away, which didn't work out as he grabbed you arm. "Where do you think your going? I just wanna have some fun..." He whispered as he pulled you back and into a wall. His voice deep and the smell of alcohol coming from him. Another guy came out of nowhere and held you to the wall so you wouldn't try to run away. The first guy smirked at you, but you couldn't tell if he was smirking or not since you guys were in the shadows. "Don't scream, if you know what's good for you." The second guy said as the first guy began to undo his belt of his pants. Tears came to your eyes as you screamed, you didn't want this. "Help!! Someone help!!!" The second guy hit you in the head, trying to make you stay quiet. "Shut up." He growled at you as he held you firmly, covering your mouth and the first guy's pants were down, ready to get down to what he was here for. You shut your eyes tightly waiting for this to happen. Why? Why did Jin have to break up with you? Why didn't you just stay and want for Jungkook? Why did they have to do this to you? Why? Why you? "Get your hands off of her!" Someone yelled, but you were to scared to open you eyes as you felt the second guy be pulled off of you. You heard some yelling as you wanted to open you eyes but was too scared to. "(Name)! (Name) it's me, open your eyes!" The guy said to you. The voice sounding familiar, as if it was someone you knew. You opened you eyes slightly as you stared at the boy in front of you, tearing coming to you eyes as he held you in his arms. "Jungkook!" You sobbed into his shoulder, holding onto him tightly. "I-I thought I was-" You sobbed, not being able to bring out the last of your words. But that was alright, because Jungkook understood. "Shhh, (Name). You don't have to say a word, just rest." He said as he picked you up, carrying you to his car and putting you in, looking at your face to see that you had already fallen asleep. He sighed and went into the driver's seat and drove off to his house, thinking you should rest there for the night. "Thank you, Kookie...." You mumbled in your half sleep as you leaned on the car door window. Jungkook looked at you and smiled softly, happy you were safe after today. "You're welcomed." Were the last words you heard as you fell asleep.
@jojojordy2324 @Tamaki1618 Thank you both! Like, I swear my writing sucks. I mean, if I was someone else, I doubt I'd read it, but that's just me you know. I'm really glad to see that you guys like it, when I hardly do, so thank you. And because you guys seem to like it, I will try to make another story! Thank you again for the support!!! 鉂も潳
I like it, you could really make a fanfic out of it, and if you do please tag me
I love it!!! Kookie saved the girl!!! is there going to be part two?? if there is you should have Jungkook and the girl fall in love and Jin gets jealous but the girl is over him and loves Jungkook!!!! that will be awesome!!!
I think it's good, you could probably use an editor for grammar mess ups, which are impossible to avoid anyways unless you read your own story like 5 times to catch them all. Other people tend to catch those mistakes more efficiently than you do yourself so you could probably use one. Other than that, it sounds like a story that could be made into something really interesting ^^ trust me, I do that with my stories a lot, it's what I have my step sister for as I do the same to help her with her stories
@taehyungv lol. i will.
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