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So my ultimate bias is TOP has always been and will always be.
My hubby bias, aka UB wrecker, is Suga. I know I talk about him way more than TOP but that's just because he's more active musically right now. If TOP came out with a random solo I wouldn't shut up about it. I know what about TOP's IG? I like looking at it but don't always have things to say about it.
What's getting crazy is this man right here, Simon Dominic, is wrecking my wrecker. He looks all bad ass but is really just a cute squish that I want to cuddle!
What's a woman to do? Also Simon is 8 years older than me, TOP is 5 years older than me, and Suga is 6 months younger than me. That's a HUGE gap!
@krin Welcome to the craziness at least I'm not alone with these guys. Just a warning if you go looking into Simon Dominic you might end up where I am entirely
girl I'm 21 they all older then me and Simon D is a big a** weirdo you should see the things he does on tours I don't I don't even know lol but I do like him too
Haha we have the same UB and UB wrecker so you just described my life lol. Idk who Simon is but he's quite handsome. The struggle is REAL 😩😩
@MissyKim I follow his Snapchat I see the weirdness.