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Hello and Welcome!
Omo! We're getting close to the actual release of the second season! It's exactly a week away! Guess you gotta put up with a couple of more teasers until then! :3
Missed the previous puzzle pieces? I got chu! :*
Hope it's helping determine who the bias is!
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Let's do this!
“Are you ready?” he smiles his famous heart melting smile at you.
Your heart pounds in your ears. “No.”
He gives your hand a light squeeze.
“Is there any way I can convince you and the driver to let me off this car so I can walk home?”
He chuckles, “Oh, you'll be getting off the car alright, but with me, on the red carpet, in front of hundreds of flashing lights and millions of people watching.”
Your stomach somersaults uncomfortably, “I can't with you.”
He leans in and plants a soft kiss on your cheek, “you look beautiful in that gown.”
Heat rises to your cheeks as your heart flutters uncontrollably,“and you look as godly as ever in that suit.”
Another small smooch is able to be exchanged before the car comes to a stop. Your heart drops with the realization that the only thing protecting you at this point is a simple car door.
“I'm scared,” you confess in a small whisper.
He chuckles again. “This is what scares you? After the crap what we went through, you're terrified of this?” His hand slides to the handle of the door where he hesitates for a moment before turning his head back to you. “I love you. And because I love you, the world needs to know how I feel about you so they can stop with the pathetic bulls**t. I'm not afraid, I'm as confident as I ever will be and that's all because I have you. My foreign flower.”
Before you have time to react, he opens the car door and steps out. You hear the fans screaming in excitement as he goes around the car.
<<This is it.... Goodbye calm life, goodbye privacy, goodbye, goodbye.>>
The moment he opens the door, he offers you his hand. You take it and climb out of the car in one swift move.
As expected, all eyes shift to you. A tight knot forms deep in your throat but with the help of his presence, you're able to compose yourself on spot as you slip your hand around his arm and follow him down the strange yet familiar carpet.
The photographers stop snapping pictures, the fans stop screaming, and even the MCs stop speaking, but as soon as he turns to you with a smile and you mirror one of your own, the crowd springs to life again, shouting questions, taking pictures, and begging for clarification.
He raises his hand to wave hello but like second nature, you both bow respectfully in unison to the paparazzi and the screaming fans.
“Ladies and gentlemen,” he speaks, causing the crowd to quiet down to low whispers, even the excited MCs. “Allow me to formally introduce you, my girlfriend.”
HE DIDN'T!!!!! :O
Wait- Who did wut? :3
I couldn't find any funny BigBang memes about being on the red carpet, so let's all enjoy G-Dragon and his wonderful puppy, Gaho <3 :3
Have you figured out who the bias is? Because I have! ;*
See you all on the final trailer this Thursday!
Thank you!
Tagging my amazing supporters! :)
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I'm still holding out for TOP. I'm starting to think it's Taeyang though.
I'm done. WITH U!!! 😬
I am done with u too!! 911? I am reporting murder, mass murder, pls come quickly.......@.@
I think I know who it is!!!!💁🏽 Based on this line "he smiles his famous heart melting smile at you" To me GD has the BEST smile 😍 So I think it's GD 💁🏽....... But then again Taeyang has a nice smile ...and TOP ...and Deasung ...and Seungri....😩 Who is it?🤔
@drummergirl691 I'm in total agreement with you.
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