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Hello and Welcome!
Omo! The final teaser! Are you excited? Because I am!! XD
Need to review the previous teasers to help determine who the bias is?
I gotchu fam! :*
If you still need to cast a vote on who you think the bias is before season 2 premieres, here's the link!
While you're there, the links to all Season 1 chapters are attached in chase you need to review the story thus far before Monday!
Now, let's get on with this last teaser!
He sighs deeply, draping his hand over his forehead as he closes his eyes. “It's just exhausting.”
You coil your fingers around his hair, twirling it like a child as you study his marble features like an artist gazing upon the painting of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel. “What part?” you hum softly, hesitant to disrupt the sleeping king.
His eyes open slowly. Pools of deep brown capturing your own eyes as he reaches up and runs a finger down your cheek, “dealing with the stupid rumor.”
This time, you took a turn to sigh, pulling back your hand to run it through your own hair. You think about what to say next but remain silent instead, turning your head to avoid his gaze.
“Yaa,” he pulls your chin towards him. “Are you mad at me?”
“No.” <<I'm mad at myself for overthinking the situation.>>
“Stop lying to me.”
“I don't lie, I never have and I never will, especially to you.” You struggle to keep your voice under one octave.
He props himself up on his elbows, inching his face closer to yours, as if to intimidate you with his flawless features, “Do you trust me?”
You push him out of the way and get off the couch, “I don't want to talk about this right now.”
He stands up instantly and catches your hand, pulling you back towards him.
“No, we need to talk about this, and now. I need to know what you're feeling for me right now, I need to know that you trust me,” his eyes burn with desperation to be assured.
<<Please, don't look at me like that. It makes me feel so helpless to see you in such pain.>>
“Of course I do. You know I do.”
“Then why did you hesitate when I first asked you?” his voice got softer and softer as his sentence proceeded.
Awkward silence fills the room as he stares deeply into your eyes, searching for a hint of doubt in your soul. More seconds tick by, he lets go of your hand and shoves his hand into his pocket, allowing you to catch the sparks of rage in his eyes before he drops his head down.
“I see.”
<<Wait- no. Don't take it like this....>>
You try to move your feet but like an animal in front of their predator, you remain paralyzed. He grabs his jacket off the couch and flings it over his shoulder. “I need to be alone.” His voice was colder than ice itself.
As he walks by you, he bumps shoulders with you, breaking you from your trace and granting you freedom to turn around and throw your arms around him.
“Don't do this. Don't leave like this. Please,” you plead into his back. His body remains stiff with anger. “I trust you. I absolutely trust you with more than just my life. But it's the fact that I allowed myself to over think the situation in my head without properly asking you what had happened. I'm mad at myself, for taking the easy way out instead of being an adult and confronting the issue. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. But please, as mad as you may be right now, please don't walk away from me.”
D: D: D: (I couldn't help but troll with SeungRi's meme XD)
What's gonna happen!?!?!
Guess we'll have to see what happens in Season 2 of Foreign Flower!
Have you figured out who the bias is? Well you still have the weekend to go back and reread things before I break some hears!
Er- I mean.
Yayy!!! See ya'll on Monday for the premiere! :D
Thank you!
Tagging my lovelies <3
> I APOLOIZE for those I just recently tagged, I looked through all my fanfics and wrote you in so you could catch up during the weekend. I'M SERIOUSLY SORRY!!!
> On another note- NOW is a great time to let me know if you wish to be dropped from this fanfic or to be added because trust me when I say that STUFF IS ABOUT TO GET REAL.
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You know what I might be reaching but I know for a fact that Jiyong has hazel eyes not deep brown so it can't be him, right?? 👀👀 lol it still might be him doh idk *shrug* I'm just waiting for that first ch. drop 😂😂
WAIT YOU SAID SLEEP ING KING. IS IT G-DRAGON? *flips table* GAH. I am so pumped by the way!! Love this story SO MUCH
@sailynn all of your teasers have gotten to me... I think i now know who it is... but I can wait I til Monday. the excitement is building
I jot it down to either GD or Top.....ohhhhh gosh I can't wait for the reveal
please be my TOP! I can't wait for this!
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