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Episode 1
You walked with TOP, at his calm, and mellow pace. The wind was chilly, and forgetting your coat made matters worse. Your feet ached from the long night of wearing heels, but you were only a street away from being home.
“Thank you for walking me home,” you say embarrassingly.
“Don't mention it, I don't think it would be a good idea if you left at this time at night, looking as beautiful as you do right now,” he smiled while looking into the distance.
You blush and turn your head. <<Aishh, why did I have to forget to bring money!>> You scowl yourself for not thinking ahead.
“I hope this doesn't trouble you, it wasn't my intention to forget taxi money,” you pout and look down.
TOP laughed, “No no, it's no trouble at all. Don't worry about it, you have been doing so much lately, it's okay something like this slipped your mind.”
You smile and look up at him, “You're a great person, oppa.”
He looks at you and smiles back, “I try to be, you're like a sister to me so thank you.”
For a split moment, you loose track of your footing and stumble over a crack in the pavement. TOP offers you a hand to retain your balance, but you quickly find your footing again and stabilize your balance.
“Aishh, tonight just isn't my night. I'm sorry you had to see that.”
He chuckles to himself, “Too late, I'm telling.”
“Yaah, you better not!” You punch him lightly in the arm.
“I won't, I won't, you can trust me,” he smirks and playfully rubs the spot where you punched him.
<<Trust....>> You look down and remember all that has happened since you arrived into the industry.
“Can I trust you with a secret?” you say after walking for a bit more with him.
“Of course, what's on your mind?” TOP says looking at you with a soft expression.
You keep your eyes low, and bite your lip as you try to construct a proper sentence. “I uh- I have a crush on one of the members,” you manage to say.
He chuckles, “Ah, narrow it down. Fabulous, Sunshine, Panda, or Shirtless?”
You laugh at how accurate the descriptions for each one guy is. “Well when you put it that way,” you laugh again and blush at the idea of you telling TOP who your bias is.
“C'mon, you can trust me when it comes to these guys, who knows, maybe I'll know if he likes you back,” TOP smirks.
“You just want some juicy gossip huh?” you smile, hiding your face in your hands.
You sigh heavily then wrap your arms around yourself, “Promise this will stay between you and I?”
“Pinky promise,” TOP says, holding out his pinky to you. You wrap your pinky around his and laugh at how childish you're feeling.
“I like Ji-Yong oppa,” you say, looking down to hide your blushing face.
“I knew it.”
You look at him with a horrid expression and cover your mouth, “How!” you exclaim in disbelief.
TOP's phone rings, “Speaking of the devil,” he mutters.
Your heart stops, “What?”
“Yeah? ......I'm walking her home...... It was late...... Okay..... Mmmhmm...... Okay, bye.”
“What he say?” your heart began to pound again.
“Nothing, just wondering where I was,” he smirks.
“Did he.... ask about me?” your voice was small and quiet.
“Oh? Interested all of a sudden aren't we?” His smirk grew.
You punch his arm again, “Shut up, I shouldn't have told you to begin with!”
He chuckles and stops at the corner of the your street. “Well, this is where I go back, goodnight.” He bows and turns around to leave.
<<What? Way to ditch a lady in the middle of the night,>> You stick out your tongue at his back.
You brush off TOP's sudden absence and continue home, only to notice a shadowed figure pacing back and forth in front of your door.
Your adrenaline takes over, <<Crap. Should I run or just scream for help?>>
The shadowed figure stops and squats down. <<Perfect, surprise attack!>>
You take off your heels to prevent the clacking noise to give you away and creep closer. The clouds drift away from the moonlight to illuminate the sky and grant you the ability to to see the shadowed figure.
“GD?” you whisper in confusion.
Ji-Yong turns around and looks up, his stressed face quickly softening when he realizes it was you. He stands up instantly, “God, about time you show up!” He runs over to you and throws his arms around you into a tight embrace. You freeze, completely taken back by his sudden actions. Your heels drop from your hand, making Ji-Yong to pull back and stare at your bare feet.
“What are you doing barefooted? Did hyung say this was okay? Where is he? I can't believe he didn't walk you all the way home-”
“What are you doing at my house?” you interrupt him with the blunt question.
“I needed to talk to you-”
All of a sudden, a loud crashing noise comes from inside the apartment.
“Geez, your best friend sure likes to party,” Ji-Yong smirks.
“I live alone.... She's been gone for over a month now....” the color drains from your face.
“What? It was noisy when I got here and when I knocked, it got really quiet so I figured it was the director trying to tell me that you're not home yet....”
The panic in the atmosphere begins to intensify, “Oppa, who's in my home?”
Ji-Yong's eyes light up with fear, “get behind me, NOW.” He turns around and faces the apartment door like a lion ready to pounce. “Gimme the key and call the cops. Stay here.”
“If they're inside, it's already open....” your voice trails off as clues begin to connect in your head. <<Every time I'd come home, every time the door would be unlocked..... I wasn't alone. What could they possible be looking for?>>
Ji-Yong opens the door slowly, your fingers tremble as you text the other members in a group chat about situation. <<Calling the cops would only give Ji-Yong away, and TOP-oppa should be able to make it here in time to help out.>>
“Be careful please,” you croak. It takes you two seconds of internal debate until you convince yourself to trail after Ji-Yong. <<I can't leave him alone.>>
The kitchen light was turned on and the television you left playing continued to fill the room with gentle audio.
“Come out you piece of sh!t,” Ji-Yong growls loudly.
“Ji!” you gasp at the danger he's openly inviting.
Two tall men dressed in black attire and masks emerge from the hallway. Your adrenaline peaks and the rest becomes a blur of fast pace events.
Ji-Yong charges at the men, you scream for him to stop but find yourself kicking, punching, scratching, and clawing one of the men in order to stop them from teaming up on Ji-Yong.
The man you attack pushes you with strong force, you stumble back but come at him again, grabbing a glass cup off the counter.
As your target helps his companion try to beat down Ji-Yong, you jump on the man and smash the glass against his head. Your target drops but the other intruder manages to punch you back, making you trip over the unconscious body and hit your head against the kitchen counter.
Your head swirls as your eyes begin to blur in vision while your body starts to shut down. You try to scream, to yell, to move, but the last moments you're able to force yourself to consciously process is Ji-Yong attacking the intruder viciously.
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I may be GD trash but this is honestly I really interesting chapter VOTE FOR THIS ONE
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