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Episode 1
You walked with TOP, at his calm, and mellow pace. The wind was chilly, and forgetting your coat made matters worse. Your feet throbbed from the long night of wearing heels, but you were finally a street away from being home.
“Thank you for walking me home,” you say, embarrassed by the thought of having someone walk you home.
“Don't mention it, I don't think it would be a good idea if you left at this time at night, looking this nice,” he smiled while looking into the distance.
You blush and turn your head. <<Aishh, out of everything that I could have forgotten, why did it have to be money!>> You scowl yourself for not thinking ahead.
“I hope this doesn't trouble you, it wasn't my intention to forget taxi money,” you pout and look down.
TOP chuckles, “No no, it's no trouble at all. Don't worry about it, you have been doing so much lately, it's okay for something like this slipped your mind. Just be glad that nothing bad happened.”
You smile and look up at him, “You're a great friend. Like a brother to me, actually.”
He looks at you and reflects your smile, “Thank you, something I aim to be.”
For a split moment, you loose track of your footing and stumble over a crack in the pavement. TOP offers you a hand to retain your balance, but you quickly find your footing again and stabilize your balance.
“Aishh, tonight just isn't my night. Thank you for the.... Sorry you had to see that.”
He chuckles to himself, “Don't worry, your clumsiness is safe with me.... for now."
“Yaah, you better not!” You punch him lightly in the arm.
“I won't, you can trust me,” he smirks and playfully rubs the spot where you punched him.
<<Trust....>> You look down and begin to remember all that has happened since you arrived to YG. <<Maybe he can help....>>
“Can you keep a secret?” you say after a bit more of inner convincing.
“Of course, what's on your mind?” TOP says looking at you with a soft expression.
You keep your eyes low, and bite your lip as you try to construct a proper sentence. “I uh- I have a crush on one of the other members."
He chuckles, “Which one? Fabulous, Sunshine, Panda, or Shirtless?”
You laugh at the accuracy of the descriptions for each members. “Well when you put it that way,” you laugh again, blushing at the idea of you admitting to TOP who your bias is.
“C'mon, you can trust me when it comes to these guys, who knows, maybe I'll know if he likes you back,” TOP smirks his famous fox like smirk.
“You just want that dirt on me huh?” you reply, hiding your face in your hands.
“Yaah! How could you think that of your dear oppa! I'm trying to help you out!”
You sigh heavily then wrap your arms around yourself, “Then, promise this will stay between you and I?”
“Pinky promise,” TOP answers, holding out his pinky to you. You wrap your pinky around his and giggle at the childish feeling in your stomach.
“I like Dae-Sung oppa,” you confess, looking down to hide your growing grin.
He stops walking and stares at you with wide eyes, “You don't say.”
You look at him with a horrid expression and cover your mouth, “How!” you exclaim in disbelief.
“Can't really say I knew exactly, but I had a hunch, from how playful you are around him,” he smirks and continues to walk.
“Aishh, no way!” You cover your face from embarrassment as he laughs. “Do you know if he likes me back?” You peek at TOP through your fingers.
He shrugs, “Dunno, I'm not allowed to be biased and tell,” he said smiling mischievously.
You smack his arm one more time, "Yaah! Don't say that!"
After a few more minutes of grinning he sighs and shakes his head.
"What's up?" You ask, knowing there's something on his mind he's been holding back.
He looks up at the night sky, "You have no idea how well you two suit each other."
"Who and who?"
"Our smiling angel and our foreign flower."
You snort in disbelief, "You're just playing with me."
He looks down at you and smiles gently, "You youngsters give me hope. So do us all a favor and confess to him already."
Your heart slows to a stops with the thought of what the consequences could be, "I can't. It would be unprofessional and and I don't know if he feels the same."
"I ship it."
You punch his arm again, "oppa! Stop! You're embarrassing me!"
"The rest of the guys ship it too if you don't trust me. Seung-Ri especially, he's been trying to get Dae-Sung to say something ever since he first noticed-"
"Noticed what?" your heart spikes adrenaline.
But TOP simply shakes his head, "Nevermind."
You hug yourself and take a breather in effort to calm down your heart, "I can't. I just can't." You reach your mailbox and take a second to stare at your apartment. "I feel like I'd be holding him back if I did. With you guys having a comeback and all, it'll just be hard on him and the rest of you."
He throws his hands in the air, "See? This is why I ship! You're both thinking about the other people than yourselves, you're both optimistic and pessimistic at the same time, it's difficult to explain the relationship."
You touch your burning cheeks, "oppa gushing about a ship that'll never sail-"
"Yaah! You do something about it or else I'll give him a hard time!" He chuckles then motions for you to proceed to the door. You use the opportunity to shoot him a glare as you walk by him. TOP grins mischievously then bows goodnight and heads back up the street.
<<Weirdo TOP. Trying to get me go do the unthinkable....>> "Pfffttt, as if."
You close the door behind you and lean your head against its cool wooden details. <<Are my feelings that obvious? Nahh, there's no way.>>
You turn off the television that was left on when you took off earlier. <<I'm right..... Right?>> You replay the conversation in your head. <<Well he did text you first, and he did call you first, and he's always->>
You ruffle your hair, "Aigoo! That doesn't mean crap!"
You kick off your heels and fall back on your bed, staring at the blank ceiling as it begins to get fuzzy with your brain switching to first stage of the sleeping cycle.
<<If I had the courage, if I had the chance, if I'd been born as another person, then maybe, just maybe, i'd get greedy and make that angel mine....>>
Walking into your office the next day you noticed the stack of paperwork that had an imaginary place card on top with your name written on it.
You sigh heavily and drop your things on the side of the desk. "Alright, alright, I hear you! I'm not translating you guys because I'm getting paid, I'm doing it because I love my job," you smile and take a seat in your chair, turning up the desktop and organizing your things before attacking the stack.
Throughout the day, more documents come in but every time, you send back an equal amount, balancing the flow of documentation.
With the door open and the blinds on your both of your office windows pulled back, the fresh air keeps you awake and alert.
You glance up at one point and see your boss staring at you through the window with another individual talking to him.
<<Do I say something?>> You feel a rush of chills run down your back but instantly get reassured when YG gives you a thumbs up of approval and nods his head. You nod back and continue concentrating on your paperwork.
After a few more hours of honest labor, you finish with only a fourth of the paperwork still needing to be completed.
You put down your pen and raise your arms high over your head to stretch, arching your back to pop a couple of bones. A long yawn escapes through mouth, making you cover your mouth with your hands as it releases your exhaustion.
"Aishh, and I thought I was working hard but you're here working to the brick of exhaustion."
You look up and see Dae-Sung leaning against the doorway.
"Oppa!" You stand up and bow respectful. <<Aishh, how long has he been there?!>>
Dae-Sung bows back, "Are you busy?" He steps in with his hands in his front pockets as he avoids looking directly at you.
"No, I'm about to call it a day, why? What's up?" You eye him carefully, observing his behavior as a child trying to act cool.
"Well, it occurred to me that you're still in my debt," he says, still not looking at you.
"Your debt?"
"During the photoshoot, the director said that the first volunteer gets a free date with you so," he looks up at you and shoots you a nonchalant smile. "You. Me. Dinner. Tonight."
(That's the smile he shoots you ;))
What's gonna happen next? ;)
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