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Well what can i say? Even Pandas like flowers, right? ;)
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Episode 1
You keep up with TOP regardless of his long strides. The wind was chilly, and forgetting your coat made matters worse. Your feet ached from the long night of wearing heels, but you were only a street away from being home.
“Thank you for walking me home,” you say embarrassingly.
“Don't mention it, I don't think it would be a good idea if you left at this time at night, looking as beautiful as you do right now,” he smiled while looking into the distance.
You blush and turn your head. <<Aishh, why did I have to forget to bring money!>> You scowl yourself for not thinking ahead.
“I hope this doesn't trouble you, it wasn't my intention to forget taxi money,” you pout and look down.
TOP laughed, “No no, it's no trouble at all. Don't worry about it, you have been doing so much lately, it's okay something like this slipped your mind. Just be glad that nothing bad happened.”
You smile and look up at him, “You're a great friend, brotherly almost.”
He looks at you and smiles back, “I try, thank you.”
For a split moment, you lose track of your footing and stumble over a crack in the pavement. TOP offers you a hand to retain your balance, but you quickly find your footing again and stabilize your balance.
“Aishh, tonight just isn't my night. Thank you for the help.... and sorry you had to see that.”
He chuckles to himself, “Don't worry, I won't tell anyone, I'm good at keeping secrets.”
“Yaah, you better not!” You punch him lightly in the arm.
“I won't, you can trust me,” he smirks and playfully rubs the spot where you punched him.
<<Trust....>> You look down and remember all that has happened since you arrived into the industry.
“Hey, can I tell you a secret,” you mutter in a low voice after walking for a bit more with him.
“Of course, what's on your mind?” TOP says looking at you with a soft expression.
You keep your eyes lowered, and bite your lip as you try to construct a proper sentence. “I uh- I have a crush on one of the other guys,” you manage to say.
He chuckles, “Which one? Fabulous, Sunshine, Panda, or Shirtless?”
You laugh at the accuracy the descriptions fit each members. “Well when you put it that way,” you laugh again and feel the heat raise to your cheeks at the idea of you telling TOP who your bias is.
“C'mon, you can trust me when it comes to these guys, who knows, maybe I'll know if he likes you back,” TOP smirks.
“You just want some juicy gossip huh?” you smile, hiding your face in your hands.
“Well, I won't argue with you there, but I'm also trying to help you out.”
You sigh heavily then wrap your arms around yourself, “Promise this will stay between you and I?”
“Pinky promise,” TOP says, holding out his pinky to you. You wrap your pinky around his and laugh at how childish you're feeling.
“I like Seung-Ri,” you say, looking down to hide your blushing face.
“Wow, I definitely saw that one coming.”
You look at him with a horrid expression and cover your mouth, “How!” you exclaim in disbelief.
“Um, it was pretty obvious,” he smirks.
“Aigoo, no way!” You cover your face from embarrassment as he laughs. “Do you know if he likes me back?” You peek at TOP through your fingers.
He shrugged, “Dunno, I'm not allowed to be biased and tell,” he said smiling mischievously.
“You're so mean!” you laugh to further hide your embarrassment.
TOP continues to tease you until you reach your door step where he waves goodbye and heads back, blending into the darkness after a few seconds. You insert the key to unlock the door but notice the door had remained unlocked throughout your whole absence. <<Damn, I really need to focus when I leave the house.>>
You walk in and instantly kick off your heels, wandering over to take a seat on the couch and relax with the still playing television. You massage your feet and lay on the couch to unwind a bit until your eyes begin to get heavy with sleep. You turn off the television and drag yourself to the restroom to prepare for bed.
<<I seriously need to confess.... telling Tabi-oppa only makes my situation worse.>>
In the morning you receive a large stack of papers to work through from the CEO's assistant. YG had come to an agreement with the other entertainment companies and your work load had began to increase just like Papa YG had mentioned. Halfway through the stack there's a knock on your door. You look up and see a couple of your co-workers peeking threw the doorway.
“What's up?”
“We heard you looked great last night,” one of them winks.
You grin, “Interesting how fast news travels around the block.”
“How bout we go clubbing and have you prove to us that charm? Maybe you'll meet someone to keep your mind off the paperwork,” the second co-worker suggests.
You laugh, “I have nothing to prove though!”
“No no no, tomorrow night, we'll round up the girls and go dancing. You owe us from scaring us a couple months back with the forest incident,” the first one smirks.
You put your hands up, “fine fine, I'll go. Thank you for thinking of me.”
Your cell phone rings just as they wave goodbye and close the door.
The caller ID makes your heart begin to skip a beat, “Hello?”
“Busy?” Seung-Ri breathes into the phone.
“Uh, kinda.” You lean back and stare at the pile of paperwork on your desk with the back of your pen lingering across your bottom lip.
“Of course you are, Miss I'm-So-Famous-Now,” he chuckles.
Your heart sinks a little, “No, that's not what I meant.”
“I'm kidding. I'll make this short since I had to sneak away in order to call you.”
“I'm heading to a party tomorrow, I was wondering if you'd like to come.”
<<Are you kidding me? Could you have called me just a bit earlier!>>
You sigh, “I'm sorry, I already made plans with some of the staff members. Maybe next time?”
“Aishh, really? Well damn. Okay. Talk to you later I guess....” Seung-Ri hung up quickly after.
You lay your head on the cold desk to cool down your burning face. “Why didn't you call me just a few seconds earlier? I would have accepted in a heart beat.”
Your phone beeps with an incoming notification. It was a snapchat from TOP. You open it up and see a far away photo of Seung-Ri sitting in the corner of the room, completely closed off with the caption, 'He's all srs now. Wat did you do? ;)'
You bang your head gently against your desk as punishment then force yourself to put away your phone and continue working. <<He probably just wanted to show up with a girl, don't attach feelings to it girl.>>
The rest of the day drags without a peep from Seung-Ri but plenty of snapchats from TOP focusing on the maknae.
You don't reply. You leave your phone on the kitchen counter once you get home and don't even bother to get up to check it when it goes off with notifications. Instead, you lay on the couch, replying the conversation between you and Seung-Ri, debating whether you should have said something different, whether you should have rejected your co-workers in the first place.
“Aishh. I need to go to bed before I over think things.” You turn off the television and grab your phone as you head to your room. Once you settle in bed, you unlock your phone and scroll through the notifications, ignoring the unnecessary and responding to those that interested you. Towards the end of the list, you notice a Snapchat from Seung-Ri. Your heart skips a beat your fingers immediately click on the banner to launch the notification.
The snapchat was a selca of himself, blanket pulled up to his closed eyes, and with the caption simply reading 'G'nite.'
You smile at your screen for a second then put it away, falling asleep with the smile glued to your face.
The next day at work was slow, but it quickly picked up towards the end. You wave to your coworkers goodbye as they remind you which club to meet up at and the time. You get home and immediately jump in the shower to bathe yourself in your favorite body wash and washing your hair thoroughly.
Once your hair is set to dry and you're wrapped in your bath robe, you go through your whole closet, looking for something worthy enough to be worn at a club.
“The struggles of being a girl, I swear,” you mumble to yourself after trying on the fifth outfit. Once you come to a decision, you sit down and take care of your make up, keeping it simple yet classy with gold eye shadow. You blow dry the remaining damp parts of your hair then straighten it out.
“Money. Don't forget the money. It'll be hot in the club so there's no point for a coat. But money is important,” you repeat to yourself as you stuff cash inside your clutch.
Your phone beeps with an incoming message. You tap on it to view it and see that it was from Seung-Ri.
“You sure you can't join me tonight? :(”
You exhale deeply and stare at the screen for a couple of minutes, “I'm sure. Sorry! ):“
He doesn't reply, making you feel worse of having to decline his offer a second time. “Aishh, I need to get him out of my mind for tonight. How can pandas make you happy when this one just..... ugh.”
You grab your heels and linger into the living room, switching on the television to watch the news as the light fades further into darkness.
By nine o'clock sharp, you slip on your heels and turn off the television grabbing your keys and making sure the door was locked as you head out. You call for a cab and give the driver the directions to the club. Though you keep your head facing out the window, you can feel the driver's eyes constantly flickering to you through the rear mirror as he drives.
When the cab pulls up, you see your coworkers lined up outside the club. The moment you step out of the cab, they begin to hoot and holler with excitement.
“I told you she'd look great!”
“So cute!”
“Gahh! I'm excited!”
“Ready to go in and have fun?”
You smile at the small group after hugging them hello, “let's do this!” Your coworkers cheer then step out of the line and march up to the bouncer. The bouncer eyes them carefully then notices you in the group and immediately grants entry.
The lights pulsed with the music, making your excitement reach a higher level. You follow your coworkers to a booth in the back where they set their things down and begin to order a round of shots. As the waiter comes around with the alcohol, you look around and observe the people that were already on the dance floor.
“Come on Miss Foreign Flower, let's live it up!” one of your coworkers hands you a shot. You drink it down then immediately get pulled out to the dance floor by another coworker as the Cedric Gervais remix of Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey begins to fill through the speakers.
You run your hands through your hair and let the music flow through your body, laughing with your coworkers when the beat drops into the chorus. One of them begins to drop down slowly, you turn your back to her and go down with her, getting a lot of attention from some of the surrounding guys as the song nears the end.
“Thank you for attending tonight!” the hosts says after the song ends.
You share a laugh with your coworkers on the way to your booth to take a seat. The light moves up towards the DJ booth, drawing your attention to him.
“And let's a huge round of applause for our special guest of the night, DJ V.I.!” Seung-Ri, emerges from the back and throws his hands up before taking bow.
Your heart begins to accelerate, “Seung-Ri oppa, is the DJ here?” you feel yourself say.
“Only for tonight, that's how we heard about it,” one of the girls responds.
“Just my luck,” you whisper to yourself, but just as you speak, Seung-Ri looks into the crowd and spots you gawking at him.
He locks eyes with you as he leans into the mic with a mischievous smirk, “This next song is dedicated to someone special.”
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