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WARNING: Mature content

- Yoongi's point of view - I can't believe she saw me cry about that. That's a bit embarrassing, but she sees Hoseok cry enough that I'm sure it doesn't even faze her. That's probably why she immediately wiped them off my cheeks. I inadvertently smile. Her hands were so gentle and soft. She's so sweet. I wonder if she cries a lot? It doesn't seem like it, unless she's actually freaking out. She almost cried about that scene, but I feel like most girls definitely would have been crying. She's seriously a strong girl. She has to be to date him with how sensitive he is. Funny how their reversed like that. I sigh as I come to a bitter realization. If we're both like that it probably wouldn't work well. I think we really are a little too much alike for something to work between us. Hoseok is sensitive but he doesn't have panic attacks. That'd be hard to deal with if we both were anxiety ridden. Can't really be stable for someone if you're unstable in the exact same way. We're both a bit cold. Yeah we're medicated, but obviously she still has an attitude and a temper, and so do I. Hoseok doesn't get angry, or make her angry enough for her to get like she was earlier. He said this was the first time; if it were us, that'd have happened many times by now. Who knows how many phones I'd have probably broken over the course of a year just from getting pissed off. She's beautiful. She's nice. We can relate on a lot of things. We can talk about things like music. I can comfort her and listen to her problems; and she'd probably be more than willing to listen to mine. In other words; we can be friends. Friends are nice, though. I don't have many besides these guys. So if I want to complain about them, I could complain to her. Doubt she'd ever trust me to have her number again though. Maybe eventually. I'd really like to be friends, I could do that. We're close enough in personality to be friends, but too alike to be in a relationship. I know that now. We're simply not compatible. Me and Hoseok are at opposite ends of the spectrum. If they work perfectly like they do, it'd never work that well for us. Opposites attract and relationships need balance. I hope I can find that, but I need to be fully secure in myself before that can happen. I can't be a mess and expect someone to come into my life and deal with it. I have to be happy alone before I can be happy in a relationship. I'm just not there yet. I can't rely on a girl to make me happy, that's not healthy. If she was my only source of happiness, then I'd crumble into pieces if we broke up. I'd fall all the way back to square one. I can't search for love if I know full well that'd be the outcome of a break up. I can't risk that and it wouldn't be fair to her. It might make her not want to break up with me because she'd be afraid of me killing myself or something. Someday I'll be ready; and when I am, I'll find someone to be the Yin to my Yang. I shudder. Hoseok's cheesiness is rubbing off on me. - Boram's point of view - I love basically living in this hotel room with him. It's like actually living together, kind of. I think my favorite part is just having him next to me. Even just seeing him in the room is so nice. He hangs up the phone. "What were you staring at me for? You stared at me for about fifteen minutes straight." "Just watching you." He sits on the bed. "Watching me? Isn't that a little creepy?" I move and lay my head in his lap. "Says the guy who took pictures of me sleeping." He starts running his fingers through my hair; watching as it falls when his fingers reach the ends. "Point taken. Nonetheless, what's so fun about watching me?" "I'm going to miss just having you in the same room as me. I'm trying to make sure I can remember it vividly for a year. So that means I have to watch you a lot. Sorry if it makes you uncomfortable, but you'll just have to deal with it." He tilts his head as he continues watching my hair fall. "It doesn't make me uncomfortable, I just can't understand someone wanting to watch me do something as menial as talking on the phone; not for fifteen minutes anyways." "Would you watch me talk on the phone for fifteen minutes?" "I'd watch you for an hour." "I watch you for the same reasons you watch me." He stops playing with my hair and looks at me funny. "Well aren't you a little pervert." "My reasons are sweet and sentimental! What the hell are yours!" He hurriedly looks away and plays with my hair again. "Nothing. Sweet and sentimental thoughts just like yours." "I hope you were joking." He scoffs. "Of course I was." I narrow my eyes. "Sure. Anyway, who was that on the phone if you don't mind my asking." "My other girlfriend." I reach up and pinch his cheek. "You're not funny!" "I always make you laugh. I know I'm funny." "Ever thought that maybe I'm laughing at you instead of laughing with you." He taps my forehead. "Lying is a bad habit." "Fine. Yes, you're incredibly hilarious. I've never met anyone as funny as you." He taps my forehead again. "Sarcasm is just as bad a habit." He smirks. "Keep it up and I'll have to spank you." I tap his forehead. "Now you're lying. You remember how well that worked out for you last time." He gives me a devious smile. "Try me." I hum as I think of something to lie about. "You don't need to actually try me." "Yes I do; or do you not want me to prove that you can't do it?" His brow furrows. "I can and I will." I'll just tell him an obvious lie. I say it with upmost seriousness as I look him dead in the eye. "You're awful in bed." He quickly rolls me over. "Take it back!" I'm laughing so hard. "I fake it every time!" He spanks me a few times and I squeal. Thankfully they were nowhere near as hard as the first one. They did sting a little though. I start giggling. "Okay, I believe you!" He chuckles. "You're so weird. I don't get how you think it's fun to be spanked." I roll back over and shrug. "You either like it or you don't. But I didn't really like that, I just thought it was funny." "See! I am funny!" "You got me." "Knew it." "Yeah, yeah. Anyway, who were you actually talking to on the phone." "I told you, my oth-" I squeeze his cheek again. "Knock it off! That joke's not funny anymore!" He lightly smacks my hand. "Fine! Let go!" "So, this is the last time I'll ask. Who were you talking to?" I put my hand right by his cheek. "Think twice before you say your other girlfriend." "The manager." I lower my hand. "What about? Or is it top secret BTS stuff?" "I was asking what I should do about me and you. How I should address it I mean." "And?" "I said I wanted to wait until you left." "The longer you wait, the more weird rumors there will be." He sighs. "Yeah, that's what he said. I just don't want to deal with it right now." "I get it. That'd be a pain." "Who knows what'd they do. There's bound to be some crazy fans that might do something messed up. I mean you're still here for four days. That's more than enough time for something to happen." "Is it a good idea to ignore it for that long though?" "I honestly don't see the harm. Even if weird rumors start, the moment I say you are indeed my girlfriend, then any fake rumors will automatically be proven false." "You have a point. Why don't you take a night and sleep on it?" He falls backward onto the bed. "Sounds like a good idea." I lie down next to him. I lay my head on his shoulder as I put my arm around him. He puts his arm around me. "What do you want to do tomorrow?" "Haven't we had this conversation? I still don't know what there is to do here and I still don't know what dates are supposed to be like. All I know is I'm easy to make happy, so I don't really care what we do. I just want to be with you." "As sweet as that is, it only makes it harder for me." I laugh. "Sorry. Why don't you Google it or something?" "That's kinda cheating." "Not really. If you have no idea, then I consider that research. If you were to lazy to think of something, then maybe that'd be cheating." He stretches and grabs his phone. "Looking it up?" "No. Checking the weather for tomorrow." "What for?" "If it's nice, then I'll tell you. I don't want to get your hopes up." "You're so considerate." "I am aren't I?" "And full of yourself." "I can't entirely disagree with that statement." "Good because if you did, I'd spank you for lying." "I don't think you'd ever be able to make that happen unless you did it while I was sleeping." "Challenge accepted. I have four full days to prove you wrong. By the way, I won't stop after the first time. I'll do it quite a bit, just to remind you not to be so cocky." "Sure, sure. Maybe you shouldn't be so cocky either." "Remember all that trash you talked at the arcade? I can at least make good on my trash talk; which is more than I can say for you." "Maybe I'll start doing the same thing. How would you like that?" "Fine, I'm game. Your butt is really going to hurt after four days. I'll tell you what though, if at any point you can't take it anymore, just tell me I win and I'll stop. Also, you can't spank me too hard." "Same goes for you." "Fair enough." "Anyway! Enough about that bet. It's supposed to be really nice out tomorrow." "Okay. So what's your plan?" "Do you like the beach?" "...sure." "You don't sound to enthused." I shake my head and smile. "It's nothing, I'd love to go."
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His fetish with spanking is ooohhh turning me on....wait did i just say that 😉
@MrsChanyeol totally agree.
Spanking is actually pretty hot, unless its to hard. I'm so in love with their relationship.
It's amazing what one night turned into... I really hope Yoongi gets a happy ending...
Uh oh what's wrong with the beach?! Yoongi, I'm here for you! Come to your noona! Lol
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