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Remember several weeks ago I shared a magic hair trick (must watch it if you haven't. It's only 24 seconds)? Guess What? It's officially a trend. I've been seeing a lot of hairstylist getting this request from clients. So, now is the time to fulfill your unicorn/mermaid hair desire before the salons are overloaded with booking. Obviously, this would be a fun DIY project to try at home but finding the right place to highlight might take some trial and error. I highly recommend you getting it done with a hair colour specialist. The blending work will amaze you.
Check these out.
Let's see the magic in action again. 12 seconds of awesomeness right?
Last one. I promise.
Love, love, love this! I think I'm gonna do some red highlights like this before college‚ô°
this might be something I could get away with at work. lol
Thank you! @HairConfetti
@Gibbous1992 Thanks for the tag!!! Love your hair.
soo cool
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