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chapter 8 : Step 6


It's been about 2 months since we went to Italy. I noticed she's changed a lot since then...she's nicer to me. Although I question myself on whether I should end it, I feel weird after she said those words to me. It's like she meant them. Her actions are showing it. She's showing more affection and at times it almost seems like she really means what she's saying to me. I just feel like our relationship isn't professional anymore.
Dylan? What does he want?
"Hey, I need to talk to you.""
"Why? What do you want?" I asked.
"Meet me after school. I have a proposal, I'll be waiting in the music room." He said and walked away.
I sighed. A proposal? For what? I have no interest in what he has to say or offer.
Jin: Hey
"Oh sup Jin. Aren't you supposed to be in gym class?"
Jin: Aren't you supposed to be in Art class?
"I didn't feel like going."
Jin: Likewise but the bell is about to ring so I'm gonna head to the dinning hall. Wanna come?
"Nah. I need to go to the library. I need to finish my history report. It's due tomorrow and I honestly don't want to do this at home." I said.
Jin: Alright. I'll see you later then.

lexi Marie’s pov

Suga's been acting strange ever since we came back from Italy. I've been trying to be nicer to him but it seems like I'm making things awkward. Maybe I should talk to him? He didn't even show up for art. Wonder what's bothering him? He didn't join us for lunch, he didn't text me back or anything. Jin told me he had some stuff to do, I stayed after school to finished up a project for my pottery class.
Yes, finally my clay case is complete! I feel accomplished. I washed up and decided I'd walk home today. I walked through the hallways and heard a couple of voices. Sounds like Dylan. What's he doing here so late? Hm, who cares. I kept walking. I walked by the music room and saw Suga. I wanted to go back but kept walking. Suga and Dylan....are they friends?
I felt my heart sink. What if this is all a scam? What if...I shook my head and kept walking. Nah, there's no way Suga would do that to me...or would he?
I stopped walking and debated on whether I should go back. No. I'm not doing that. It's none of my business. I began walking again.


"My own studio?"
"That's right, your own studio to record and all that good stuff. You don't even have to buy anything, I got it covered."
My own studio...The guys would be hella excited to have our own official place. But, Marie. I can't just go back on our deal.
"How about a band contract? I'll even throw in an agent and manager. A crew to help you and your boys rise. You'll be famous in no time. You can have ALL of that just as long as you do what I say. I mean it's not much anyway, just make Marie fall in love with you for real then humiliate her, crush her like the pest she is. It's obvious you're getting paid Suga. I know you are. So what do you say? Fame and fortune or Marie?"
I took a deep breath. Just as I was about to answer I saw someone walk by, I glanced and it was Marie. How long has she been there? Dylan didn't seem to notice, but....
"Suga. I'll let you think about it okay? Don't sweat it. Get back to me when you're ready" he smiled and then walked away.
What am I going to do?

lexi Marie’s pov

I can't stop thinking about what I saw. I sighed. I feel betrayed. I went to the park and sat on a swing. Why am I feeling this way? I feel all soft and mushy. I feel like I'm starting to like Suga in more than a professional way. Maybe I should end it before I really do fall for him completely.
"Marie? What're you doing here?"
"Oh hey. Umm, I was walking home then I kinda got lost and I just came here for a bit." I said. "I'll be going now. Later."
I couldn't even look at him. I got off the swing and grabbed my backpack.
"Wait." He grabbed my arm.
"What is it?" I looked at him.
"I need to talk to you" he said.
"Oh, okay. Sure." I nodded.
This is my chance to tell him how I feel.
We sat on a bench.
"What were you doing at school so late? Look, Marie you're taking this a bit too seriously." He said.
He's completely serious. His tone says it all.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"You know exactly what I mean. This is pretend, I don't like you the way you're obviously feeling about me" he said. "I've been thinking and well, I need to know. Do you like me?"
I felt my heart race but with what's being said I can't tell him.
"No. Why would I like you? I mean I'm paying you. If it's about me being nice to you then I'll stop okay? No need to worry. Listen, I gotta go now." I got up and was on my way.
He grabbed my wrist. "Wait"
I sighed. "What?"
"You're going the wrong way stupid" he smiled.
"You're the stupid one. Go home. I'm going to call Sebastian. Hmph."
My stomach growled. O.o
"Sounds to me like the princess is hungry. My house isn't far from here, let's eat and then I'll walk you home okay?"
I really don't want to but if I decline he'll think our little talk offended me.
"I've never been in a peasants house before, it should be interesting." I smirked.
"It's not a peasant house! It's a normal house you little brat!"
Back to normal, as if nothing has occurred.
"I'll be the judge of that" I giggled. "But I thought you lived in a dorm?"
"I'm visiting my parents today. They won't be home for another hour though, come on"
We walked to his house, a 15 minute walk maybe. I was surprised. His place isn't as small as I imagined. Nor is it all run down and filthy. The paint is on, there's curtains with no holes, the walls aren't made of expectations were clearly wrong.
"Hmm, I miscalculated it seems. You actually have a nice decent home." I said as I looked around.
"What?" I asked.
"I'm not THAT poor geez." He said.
"I see that" I looked at the pictures they had on a shelf.
For the first time in such a long time, I saw a family. A happy one. I felt envious. Their pictures showed so much love, happiness and affection. Suga had a really nice looking family. Something I'd give everything up for. I smiled to myself.
"What're you smiling at?"
"You guys seem really happy." I said.
"Well of course. I mean family is about being together and loving each other." He said.
"Is it?...I wouldn't really know." I said as I kept looking at the pictures. "Haha. You were such a dork. Just look at you"
"Ya! Don't look at my baby pictures!"
I laughed. "You're taking a bath in this one! How cute!"
"Give it to me! Stop looking!"
"No way! I can look at it as much as I want! See?"
"Ugh! Give me the picture!"
He was on one side of the couch and I on the other, holding his baby picture. We ran around in circles.
"Marie! Give it to me! Now!"
"Nope~" I smiled.
"You know what if you're gonna be like that then leave!" He yelled.
My eyes widened. I scoffed.
"Here. Take your stupid picture!" I rolled my eyes and tossed it to him. "I'll be on my way now."
I grabbed my bag and opened the door.
"Yoongi. Who is this?"
"She's hot!"
The woman gave her husband a death glare and elbowed him.
I bowed. "Please. Excuse me. I didn't mean to intrude, I was just leaving. See, I was lost and-..."
"Don't give me that stupid excuse. I know what you were doing here!" She exclaimed.
"What?" I looked at her in disbelief.
"Good job son. I approve"
"Oh you be quiet! She's probably one of those girls." His mother said as she scowled.
"Umma! Don't say such things!" Suga yelled.
"Then what's she doing here huh?" She asked.
I sighed. "Please excuse me. I really have to go..."
Despite the fact that she's a low pedigree I'm not going to insult her. I walked out of the house and took my cellphone out.
"Sebastian. Come pick me up please. I'm at umm...well, I'm not even sure."
Sebastian: Turn on your GPS. I'll find you miss.
"Please hurry okay?"
Sebastian: Will do Miss Marie.
I hung up. I've never felt so unwanted in my life. I sighed.
I ignored him.
"Marie I'm really sorry about that. My mom's just-"
"It's whatever. I'm leaving so it doesn't matter. Go inside with your parents..." I said and crossed my arms across my chest.
"Marie, I didn't-"
"I don't care what you have to say." I snapped. "Besides you wanted me to go didn't you?"
"Can you just....(sigh) Come back inside. It's getting cold and there's clouds forming. You can wait for Sebastian inside."
I stayed quiet.
I acted like he wasn't talking to me.
"Fine. Stay out here I don't care!" He said and stormed off.
My day can't possibly get worse.
Although, I could be wrong.
Yup. Most definitely getting worse. I shivered but stayed in place, Sebastian should be here any moment know.
"Young lady. Come inside. Please."
I looked at the woman. "No thank you. I'm fine. Please don't worry about me...."
I was already drenched, I'm shivering and cold. Not to mention hungry.
"We got off on the wrong foot. Please forgive me, I'm just very protective over my son. I didn't mean to judge you so harshly. Now please." She placed her hand on my arm. "Come inside before you catch a cold."
She led me back inside.
"Oh just look at you. Soaking wet. Yoongi run a hot bath for her while I dry these clothes."
Suga looked at me. "This way."
"Go on dear. I'll take your wet clothes once you're in the bath."
I nodded and followed Suga.
I shivered. Man, I'm freezing.
"It's your own fault. I told you not to stay outside, now you're gonna probably get sick and miss school. Idiot."
I stayed quiet. He looked at me.
"Aren't you going to insult me back?" He asked.
"No. I'm too pissed at you to even do that. Tell your mom the door will be unlocked" I closed the bathroom door.
This is small. The bath tub was kinda narrow but the water feels really nice. Hmm, peasants have such a weird lifestyle. Small bathrooms and sink space. I got out of the bath after a while and put the towel around me. I opened the door and walked out. Who's room is this anyway? I looked around.
Pictures of girls in bikinis. A beach babe calendar. Some car toy models on the dashboard. A computer. Book shelf. A small twin sized bed. Hmm. I wonder what's under the bed. Kekeke.
I saw a box at the end. Almost by the corner. Nah, I'm not that nosey. Surely this is Suga's room. I stood back up and sighed. Suga's room...
The door opened.
Suga's eyes widened and he turned around. His back facing me.
"What're you doing?" He asked.
"What's it look like? I'm waiting for my clothes. I'm naked, dripping wet and I'm cold! Plus this towel is short, ugh. Can I have my clothes please?" I asked.
" cuz they're not ready. I was going to let you borrow some of mine." He said.
"Well hurry up. Some clothes is better than no clothes right? I'm freezing" I shivered.
"Well I kinda can't. It's rude for a guy to see a girl like this, especially if...well you know! Just go in the bathroom and I'll leave the clothes on my bed." He said.
Weird. Dylan never really cared, he liked seeing me like this. Hmm. I did as he said and walked back inside the small room he called a restroom.
"Clothes are on the bed. Come downstairs afterwards, dinners about to be ready" he said and opened the door.


It wasn't so bad having her as a guest. She wasn't rude to my parents or anything, I told my mom who she was and her mood quickly changed. Suddenly my mom was super sweet and kind. My dad thought she was extremely good looking and beautiful.
Dad: So Ms. Tipton...
"Oh please. Call me Marie" she smiled.
She is so fake. I cannot believe my parents are buying this!
Mom: Aw, Marie is such a cute name.
"Thank you" she smiled.
Dad: We're so honored that you chose our son. Thank you for being interested in him, he can such a brute sometimes.
She giggled.
Mom: Dinner is just about finished. I hope you're hungry~
-__- They never treat me this nice.
"Yeah. I'm pretty starving. So what're we having?" She asked.
Oh here we go. The moment of truth, she's gonna freak.
Mom: Jajangmyeon
"Excuse me?" She asked.
I felt a smirk form on my lips. My mother looked at me and raised her eyebrow.
Mom: I don't see what's so amusing Yoongi!
"What? She's never eaten our type of food umma. She's an heiress. Girls like her are clueless as to what normal people eat" I said.
My mother immediately apologized.
"No. It's alright. I'll eat whatever you make, I promise." She said.
Huh? She's not being her usual self. Although, she seems happy.
After dinner, she helped my mom with the dishes. I bet she's never done that before in her entire life! But she seemed to be enjoying it, hmm...
Dad: She's a keeper son. You should totally marry her.
My eyes widened. "What?! You're insane. She's not what she seems Appa. She's evil and can't be tamed, she looks all innocent and cute but she's not. Trust me"
Dad: Oh Ho Ho! So you've gotten to third base already? Did you hit a home run son?
You gotta be kidding me!
"What? N-No! Of course not! I haven't even gone to second! I mean not that I want to but-"
Dad: Yoongi look at her. She's content and is accepting of us and our humble home. She seems to really like you, quit being such a wuss.
A wuss?!
"Dad, you don't understand. She and I aren't like that! I-"
Dad: Oh ho ho! Friends with benefits?
He teased.
I sighed. -__-
Mom: This storm is horrible, is your driver even here yet?
Marie shook her head. "No. It's getting late too..."
Dad: Why don't you stay with us then?
My mouth dropped. "No!"
Mom: What? Yoongi that's no way to treat your girlfriend. She should stay. I insist.
Dad: I agree. Marie won't you stay?
"No, I don't want to be a bother. Suga already said no so..."
Mom: Nonsense. You'll sleep in his room.
"Where am I supposed to sleep then?!" I asked.
"I'll sleep on the couch. No need to do all that. It's Suga's room and I don't mean to intrude." She said.
She's making me seem like a jerk!
"No....Sleep in my room. I got the couch"
Freakin....Ohh she is the devil!
"I'll go call Sebastian then. Be right back" she smiled and walked upstairs.
Mom: Yoongi! You better be good to that girl! Believe it or not, we're the fortunate ones! I bet she's never had a family dinner like we did and I bet she feels loved and comfortable here. Besides, she's Lexi Marie Tipton for crying out loud!
I sighed. If they only knew -.-"
Dad: Bring her by more often. We're gonna make kimchi soon and I'm sure she'll enjoy that experience.
" don't understand she's...she's not what you think!" I began.
"I'm back. Sebastian says the streets are blocked anyway. Um, thank you for your hospitality." She smiled.
-___- liar. I know what she's really thinking.
Mom: No problem sweetheart. Come sit, please tell us about yourself.
She sat back down and began talking about her parents and stuff. It's what she had told me back in Italy. Well, sort of, she left a few things out.
Dad: So you never see them?
"Well...No. Not really. Plus I'm an only child so it kinda sucks. I don't have anyone to talk to or be with besides my dogs." She said.
Why's she being so...sincere? Is she trying to make them feel bad for her?
Mom: Oh honey. I'm so sorry to hear that but you have Yoongi now~ he treats you well right?
She smiled and nodded. "He's a very good and well mannered boy. I've never met anyone like him before."
Dad: You must really like him to say that.
"Heh. Well, of course. I like him. If I didn't we wouldn't be together." She said.
If there wasn't a deal to begin with this would never be happening...
Mom: I'm so happy he found a girl like you. Yoongi was telling us how much he likes spending time with you.
My eyes widened. What?! I never said such a thing! Liar! This is going to be a long night.

lexi Marie’s pov

A lot of things were said at the dinner table but I knew it wasn't true. Suga doesn't like being around me. Come to think of it...he lets his guard down sometimes and it almost seems like he likes being around me but in a split second that all changes. I need to stop getting all gooey, it's embarrassing but sometimes it's hard for me. There's something about him that makes me unexplainable feeling. I like it. Today for the first time, I felt like I was a part of something. This is what it's like to have a family, to laugh and joke around. To tell stories and enjoy being in each other's feels nice. It's something money can't buy.
"Hey, here's an extra blanket."
"Oh. Thank you." I got up and grabbed it.
"Yeah. Sure. Uhh, night..."
"K. Good night Suga." I said.
I didn't hear the door close. He was still there. I turned around.
"Is something the matter?" I asked.
"Um, no I's weird seeing you like this. You're not like this at all, it's almost like you're a different person." He said.
"I just feel happy. You know, for the first time in a long time...I felt...." I took a deep breath. "Nevermind. I don't wanna bore you, it's not like you care anyway. I'll see you tomorrow."
"Ahem. Yeah. Sure. Later" he said and closed the door.
I sighed.


I stood outside my bedroom door. Debating on whether I should go back inside to talk to her. But, why? Why do I feel the need to just be with her? I sighed and contemplated this thought for a bit. I'm not even sleepy, maybe a few minutes of talking wouldn't hurt. After all she seemed like she wanted to share something with me, but she said I didn't care. It's not that I don't. It's just, I feel that we should share personal feelings about things or exchange thoughts. Maybe...hmm? She's singing? I listened closely.
"Nareul tteona bonaen geuga ajik neomu miwoyo
Chagapge sigeobeorin nae gaseumeun ajikdo geureul
I smiled to myself and kept listening but she stopped. I stayed quiet and just listened, she's crying? It sounds like she is. She's sniffling and making little noises...I took a deep breath and opened the door.
She wiped her eyes quickly. "What?"
"Are you crying?" I asked.
"Me? Crying? Please...I have allergies. That's all." She sniffled.
"Allergies? Yeah, right. I wasn't born yesterday. Tell me what's wrong"
I sat beside her and we began to just talk. She opened up to me again,but this time she's sober. She didn't mention loving me though, guess it was the alcohol talking. I felt a sense of relief but I couldn't help but feel bad for her. She wanted a family like the one I have, she wanted the things I had. It doesn't cease to surprise me how someone who has it all truly has nothing. She talked about Dylan a lot too, it seems like deep inside she still loves him and yet again she doesn't. She talked about what she felt being here and thanked me. Something I never saw coming, she's changed so much since I met her. She's not as snobby anymore.
After a while she fell asleep, the problem was...she was on my lap. I kind of didn't want to move though, I watched her sleep and ran my fingers through her hair. She smiled and muttered. She's a sleep talker.
My eyes widened. I observed her. She grabbed my hand and held it.
"Don't leave me alone...." She said. "Promise me..."
What? She's being dumb. Of course I can't promise any of that.
Her eyes kinda opened.
Ew, creepy. She's asleep but yet awake.
"Marie...I'm right here."
She closed her eyes again and cuddled against me.
What's with her? I watched her for a little while longer, I smiled. She looks so peaceful and angelic when she's asleep. It's hard to believe this is that annoying spoiled brat I'm constantly arguing with.
She was still holding my hand. She's got quite the grip, even if she is just sleeping.
-Next Day-
Mom: Yoongi! Marie! Wake up!
Hmm? I groaned. "Ma, leave me alone. I'm tired."
Mom: Were you and Marie up all night or something? Hehe.
"No..." I said.
Then it clicked. Wait...where is she? I opened my eyes and looked. She's gone.
Mom: She left early this morning. She's such a nice girl Yoongi, I think you should stay with her.
No way.
"Can I stay home today?" I yawned.
Mom: No absolutely not. Get up and go to school, breakfast is done. Hurry up.
I sighed. I don't feel like going to school today...I stared at the ceiling. We slept in the same bed o.O I hope we weren't cuddling or anything...That's just awful. But even so, I feel like that's the best sleep I've gotten in a long time.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TO BE CONTINUED.......

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