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I really hated krystal for so many reasons and now I hate her even more cause now haters how reason to hate exo Kia and are making and finding evidence to hate him like the fact that he smokes how come they found it after they announced they were dating huh! And haters are even going after sehun and Tao by saying that they smoke too. I hope that he gets rid of krystal as soon as possible because I don't want exo breaking up or Kia having to leave exo. if you were Kia who would you pick exo or krystal?
Does it matter?? Can't Kai be happy????? She's his girlfriend, they're going to kiss, that's what couples do. It doesn't matter that he smokes. He isn't going to leave Exo because he's dating someone, that's not how it works. Get over yourself, Kai is his own person, he's grown, he can do what he wants.
What's so wrong about Kai being in a relationship with Krystal??? And so what if he does smoke? What's that got to do with his relationship with her? It's his life choice! This is almost as bad as the hatred towards Baekhyun and Taeyeon's relationship which led to their breakup. Why do fans think it's okay to bash them for dating?! Or any celebrity for that matter?! It's not like any fans would have a chance with a celebrity anyway right? So why be so hateful and angry about it? What's so bad about Kai and Krystal being happy together? I think it's amazing that they're able to date in the first place! Just leave it alone! It's not your business, or anyone else's! I don't mean to come off to be rude, but please, leave it alone. They seem happy. Doesn't that matter?
Plus, what does smoking have to do with Krystal? Just leave them alone.
a true fan should be supportive of thier favorites happiness. not trying to be selfish and tear them down. how would you feel if you were unable to do anything for yourself? SM already kills EXO by working them so hard. Let Kai have at least a smidge of happiness and don't be so selfish. D.O is my bias and i know that if he started dating I'd be happy because his happiness is my own.
Just gonna come straight out and say it but that's fucking pathetic of you. Kim Jongin is a fucking adult and can do what he wants. If dating Krystal makes him happy then as a fan you should be happy for him. EXO isn't going to break up over something as stupid at that. Sehun and Tao are used to hate due to all the hate that idols get on a daily basis. Jongin doesn't have to choose between his girlfriend or his band, he can have both. You know it's people like you that make me so very pissed off because you seem to think that you own these idols and that they have to conform to how you think they should act.
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