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I really hated krystal for so many reasons and now I hate her even more cause now haters how reason to hate exo Kia and are making and finding evidence to hate him like the fact that he smokes how come they found it after they announced they were dating huh! And haters are even going after sehun and Tao by saying that they smoke too. I hope that he gets rid of krystal as soon as possible because I don't want exo breaking up or Kia having to leave exo. if you were Kia who would you pick exo or krystal?
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a true fan should be supportive of thier favorites happiness. not trying to be selfish and tear them down. how would you feel if you were unable to do anything for yourself? SM already kills EXO by working them so hard. Let Kai have at least a smidge of happiness and don't be so selfish. D.O is my bias and i know that if he started dating I'd be happy because his happiness is my own.
its his choice. its his life. just because your his fan that doesn't mean you get to choose who he dates. sorry he didn't go out with who you shipped him with 馃槕
First of all, I'm just creeped out that whoever took those photos were stalking hardcore and I REALLY can't stand people who don't mind their own business. Like you should have a life. They have one too so stop ruining it for them. I feel embarrassed FOR them. It's not okay to follow someone and it's DEFINITELY NOT OKAY TO RELEASE THEIR PERSONAL MATTERS ON THE INTERNET. It's so disgusting. Ugh.
Just gonna come straight out and say it but that's fucking pathetic of you. Kim Jongin is a fucking adult and can do what he wants. If dating Krystal makes him happy then as a fan you should be happy for him. EXO isn't going to break up over something as stupid at that. Sehun and Tao are used to hate due to all the hate that idols get on a daily basis. Jongin doesn't have to choose between his girlfriend or his band, he can have both. You know it's people like you that make me so very pissed off because you seem to think that you own these idols and that they have to conform to how you think they should act.
I don't hate them together but if y'all think that I do sorry. But I honestly don't give a shit or a fuck what you people think maeby if you use your brainesylu would realize that none of this started before the announcement it started after and if you are actually thinking you would have figures out decades ago that I am an exo fan and I seem to be the only one that knows what their entertainment does to them because you guys are over here telling me that sm works them to thebo debut you don't even know that one people get bored of the stupid dating situation either they end it or they add more drama and as far as I know the next thing will be more " interesting" than this bullshit that were arguing about. Who knows it could be that sehu. Is going out with hyuna or cl or some else just for the attention so if you want to be troll tell me to go kill myself and you will see what I can say about you and besides everyone has their own opinion so if you want to force yours on me then you can try it but remember that the brain of a human is smarter that a monkeys, you small minded people