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Hello my Super Nakama!

It's time for another big battle here on Super Sunday. Coming off the heels of the Super Easter Sunday Rise From The Dead Tournament!

Check out the original card here! Apologies for not posting last week it was a pretty crazy week but now it's time for a battle from the future! The Hedgehog from the future, Silver vs The Saiyan of the future, Trunks!

Who will win this time travel battle!?

Silver the Hedgehog

In a distant post-apocalyptic future, Silver, along with his partner and best friend, Blaze, fight to protect Crisis City. Silver and Blaze fight the constant resurrecting Iblis, a monster mad out of the Sun God's raw energy. After defeating Iblis, Sliver is told to stop Iblis once and for all, Silver will have to go back to the past and stop the one who is responsible for Iblis' resurrection, Sonic the Hedgehog. Silver has the ability of psychokinesis and can manipulate the environment around him. Silver can move several objects at once including objects several times his own size and weight. Sliver's psychokinesis is so powerful he can exert enough pressure to bend half a meter thick steel bars, crush robots with a single grab, and immobilize others' movements completely. When repelling objects with his psychokinesis, Silver can throw them with enough force and speed to crush metal, fly tremendous distances, and even stun enormous monsters such as Iblis. Additionally, Silver can also use his psychokinesis to grab onto certain non-solid objects, such as fireballs and certain types of energy blasts. Silver can also use his psychokinesis to project pure psychic energies that he can manipulate into energy-based attacks, such as sharp blades, pulses to strike his targets at all ranges, and even burst of energy that can paralyze his targets. Like Sonic, Silver can move up to the speed of light and is incredibly agile. Silver has a strong fighting ability and is extremely durable with high endurance. Silver focuses highly on long range attacks favoring his psychic abilities over close quarter combat despite his power. Silver has the ability to control the Chaos Emeralds being able to use the ability Chaos control that allows him to control space and time. He can use this ability to enhance his own psychic abilities. By gathering all seven Chaos Emeralds, Silver can transform into Super Silver which enhances is strength, speed and psychic abilities many fold making him nearly invulnerable. This consumes a lot of energy however and takes a lot of rings to sustain.

Silver's powerful psychic abilities make him a formidable foe. He's among the strongest of his allies and will be tough to take down.


Trunks is the son of the Saiyan Prince Vegeta and the earthling Bulma. Trunks is from an alternate timeline in which the Saiyan known as Goku died of a heart virus. Soon after Androids created by Doctor Gero of the Red Ribbon army attacked West City. All the other Z Fighters were left to fight the Androids and failed. Trunks would go on to train with his mentor, Gohan, in hopes to stop the Androids. Even after transforming into a Super Saiyan Trunks still failed to stop Android 17 and 18. With the help of her mom's time machine, Trunks went back in time to save Goku and wan everyone of the Android threat. Trunks went through intense training with Gohan in the future preparing for his fight against the Androids. Although he was not able to defeat them he was able to obtain the level of Super Saiyan. When going back in time Trunks came face to face with Frieza and countered every attack. With ease Trunks chopped up Frieza with his sword and blasted away his remains. Trunks even stopped Frieza's dad King Cold. Trunks is a half Saiyan and thus possesses incredible strength and speed. Trunks would train with his father in the Hyperbolic time chamber for one year and gain incredible strength. At the time it was believed that Trunks was almost as strong as his father who more then tripled his power in the chamber. Trunks had a hidden power however as he could ascend past the level of Super Saiyan, growing his strength as strong as perfect Cell. This power comes as a cost however as he's much slower in this form. Trunks is a superior swordsman using his skills to cut down Frieza. Trunks has a powerful sense of Ki energy being able to use many powerful techniques. Trunks' Burning attack is a powerful Ki blast in which Trunks moves his arms at blinding speeds to charge it. The Buster cannon is a much more simple move but powerful nonetheless.

With great power and sword skills Trunks will be hard to beat. He's extremely capable and will be a tough opponent.

Who do you think will win this Super Sunday?! Voting is open now. Have fun with the debate but keep it clean!

Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!

So while this Silver sounds pretty badass, I have to go with my boy Trunks. Seeing as how he is my favorite DBZ character. I've always liked to think that he continued his training and somehow took down Buu on his own in his timeline.
Well, I always figured that, because he saw the flaw in powering up the way he and Vegeta did. Then seen how Gohan managed to do it right, then surely he was able to become SSJ2 himself. So with that knowledge, and the pride he learned from Vegeta, he knew to keep pushing his limits. He knew he would be Earths only hope from future disasters. So he would have kept training and reached SSJ3. Which Goku said was enough to defeat Far Buu. And unlike Goku and Vegeta, Trunks didn't fuck around with opponents. He was out to destroy them...
@Stoneyy that's an interesting thought. I would like to believe he could take down Buu as well. He was really powerful when he returned back to his time and with more training could be stronger than Goku
@YourConscience I think you miss understood the point of the card
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