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This is the first teaser that is actually for this song and not the concept as a whole but, HOLY LORD AM I EXCITED! It sounds amazing and the bright colors are working! Hongbin's part at the end is gold!!!!! I know this has been confusing so for anyone that is a little lost on why this is so colorful, this is part 1 of a 3 part concept. The teasers we've seen as of yet were for all 3 parts. Based on the other teasers, I think the other two parts will get much darker but this one looks like it's going to a bright, fun start. This part one is going to be released the 19th! That's not very far away so please look foreword to their single and listen to it a lot!
I was like wait I don't get it then I though of something and was like oh I get it .πŸ‘Œ I'm so excited!!!
@AimeeH You and I both!! πŸ˜„
Oh I'm so excited!!