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Kai and Krystal are dating, get over it, get over YOURSELF. Nothing is Krystal's fault, and nothing is Kai's fault. They are their OWN PERSON. YOU DO NOT own them! Kai and Krystal are going to kiss, it's what couples do. Just leave them alone, okay? Leave them be. Let them be happy. Because I can guarantee you that if you thought that you and Kai were going to get together, you weren't. It wasn't going to happen, he doesn't know you, so get over it. He'll date who he wants to date. I'm sorry for being harsh, but you all need a reality check. Kai isn't leaving Exo because of Krystal. There is no choice he has to make, because he can have both. A girl won't change anything except his relationship status. So stop saying Kai is going to leave Exo because of her, stop saying Kai is smoking because of her, and stop hating on her because she's dating him. It happens, that's life. They love each other (hopefully) and they are going to stay with each other. This is why I never liked getting into fandoms, because you all claim how much you support an idol, but then turn on them the second they get into a relationship or when they do something with a girl/boy that isn't you. You all just need to chill and realize that ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!
Oh my God, right!?!?!? People need to calm down and let them do what they want to do and we should be happy and supportive of them when they get into a relationship rather than throwing all this hate onto them.... >.<
Thank you!!!!! I was just about to post a card regarding this!!! It's things like this with fans that put me on the edge 馃槧 You don't see fans of American artists doing this to most celebrities, so why should this be any different? I'm happy that Kai and Krystal are happy. Some people need to stop being so immature about this situation. Sure, we have our little fantasies about dating our biases and favorite celebrities, but it's not going to happen, because they don't know who we are.
Guys.... I thought EXO-L and EXO are supposed to be ONE? If you call yourself a "EXO-L" why do you guys want to get Kai out of EXO? We already lost LUHAN, TAO, AND KRIS.... Why loose another? Many fans were sad to see three members leave including me. I just don't get it.... Why do you call yourself an EXO-L when all you do is hurt EXO member's feelings? This goes to everyone and EVERY FANDOM. KPOP or not it doesn't matter. If you call yourself fan( an actual legit fan )you support the person, not hurt. 馃様馃槥 Right @Sunnydaebak Unnie? I just don't understand. I HATE to see member's feelings hurt. I HATE it when so called "fans" invade their idol's life. The idol is a LEGIT PERSON TOO they have FEELINGS and A BRAIN TO THINK. I'm sorry for the whole caps thing but Fr I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND.
I agree with everything and than you for it, EXCEPT for "you all" when talking about fandom people. I am an EXO-L for life and I want nothing more for the guys to be happy. They deserve it. I am very happy for Kai. I know EXO-Ls get a bad rap but we are not all like that.
im jesus name amen
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