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omg omg omg up10tion came back with a new comback this morning when i woke up i saw this and was like ok i wont fangurl and i will be fine but then i was like "omg!!!!! noooooo! why do you gotta be so perfect!!!!! kyahhhhhh~ my babies my boys my wooshin~!!!!!" my cousin and parents came in was like * she mental* *she needs help* * should we take her to the hospital and get her brain checked?* haha i was like " mom dad look my babies they are so cuteee~ they just looked at me and went out of my room haha i know im weird and fangurl alot but hey i cant help it when they do this to me im so happy and waited for so long for them kyahhh~ happy happy
these pictures are screen shots so if they are bad then my bad *not really* but yes i did some screen shot because i just had to for this card lol
omg wooshin wooshin wooshin!!!!!!!!! dont do this to me kyahhhh~ the lips the eyes omg!!!!!!!~ kyahhhhh~ asdfghjkl
omg omg omg!!!!!!!!!!!~ kyahhhhhhhh~!!!!!!!! andwae~!!!!!!!!! my babies dont omg my heartu omg~!!!!!!!!!
i know i go crazy but i just help it they are just way to perfect and doing all this to me is just omg~!!! no asdfghjkl up10tion what are you ding to me~ huhu *le cries a river* comment on what you think about the video kamsamida~ annyeong~
@Bangtandoll i will dont wrry lol
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