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A major earthquake struck Ecuador, having the death toll currently at 235 and at least 1,500 injured, according to CNN (1:40pm EST).
It was a 7.8 - magnitude earthquake that shook the coast of Ecuador on Saturday night (4/16/2016), making it the deadliest earthquake in Ecuador in decades. There is a state of emergency in effect for six provinces: Guayas, Manabi, Santo Domingo, Los Rios, Esmeraldas and Galapagos.
The US Geological Survey said the earthquake struck at a fairly shallow depth of 19.2km (11.9 miles), about 27km from Muisne in a sparsely populated area.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Ecuador.

Yes, tragedy isn't a competition. My heart goes out to all of those affected by these natural disasters. @atmi
That's awful. My thoughts are with them
Just heard this on the news. Wow.
earthquake strike Japan a couple days before Ecuador. sympathy on them. world are getting older and exhausted
Yeah :( It's so sad @jazziejazz
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