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Over the next couple of months you have gradually begun moving in. You both realize it’s easier on the relationship if you are both in the same place and can just see each other, even if just in passing.
The guys in the group have become a second family. Different ones look after you if he has to be out of town and you can’t go. You’ve doubled a few times with Ukwon and his girlfriend; it’s nice to have another female that understands.
It’s the night of the Mnet Asian Music Awards. You can’t arrive with them but you want to be there to support him. They will be performing their new song that has already hit the top of the charts. You love to watch him perform, love the look on their faces when the fans start sings their songs back.
When you come out in your new little black dress, you receive a growl of appreciation.
“You like?” you ask as you twirl for approval.
“Yes, now let’s take it back off” he leers at you.
You laugh as he stalks forward,
“Do NOT ruin my lipstick!”
He hangs his head in a fake pout.
“Besides, there isn’t enough time.”
“There’s always time,” he waggles his brows at you.
You hold a hand up laughing,
“Not this time, the guys are already downstairs waiting remember?”
“Just a kiss for good luck?” he pleads.
You give in and give him a peck on the cheek. You move to wipe your lipstick off but he resists,
“No! It’s going to be my thing tonight.”
You roll your eyes as the two of you head out the door.
When you arrive, you are immediately shown to your seat; the large screens showing the red carpet entrances. As Block B stroll down the carpet you laugh at their goofy poses for the fans. You had hoped he would be standing the opposite direction so pictures would be without your lipstick. No such luck, he was wearing it like a badge of honor.
You shake your head at him when the MC asks what’s on his face and he pretends he doesn’t know. When the MC presses he finally laughs, giving the camera that amazing smile.
“It’s my good luck kiss from my girlfriend tonight, now we're sure to put on a good show.”
“Are you telling everyone that you are dating?”
He holds his hand up to show a matching kitty ring to yours. This is the first you’ve seen it and you can’t help your derpy smile as you twist the one on your own finger.
“I am. We’ve been together for a little while.” He then purposefully changes the subject back to the group and the song they will be performing.
Before they walk off the red carpet, as they all wave goodbye; he casually brings his hand up and kisses the ring. You aren’t sure who else caught it, and you don’t care.
Your karaoke kitty has just told the world that he is yours and secretly told you that he loves you.
The End.
I didn't get to use all the pictures I wanted so decided to share last favorites. =]
I'm not sure I had enough smut in this to satisfy Zico rofl but I think he's adorable, he's #3 on my bias list. Some might read my fan fictions and think, he wouldn't be that sweet or say that but I'm of the mind you never know. I've always had guy friends and guys that were tough, tatted bikers on the outside but revealed a sensitive side. They don't show it to everyone. If any of them were to read my stories and say "psh" my comment back would be, "Maybe I write to the man you can become, have you met the right woman yet?"
Aww you ended it with him going public with their relationship!! I love how you made Zico all soft and squishy and sooo cute! lol
all the love. ended on a good note, a perfect one. but now it's over, at least I have my closure. this guy, I dk I think this is so him. My Tough Kitten ;p
awe so cute
This is sweet and so true. I knew guys that are total "dudes" with tattoos and loud opinions, they are some of the sweetest most devoted boyfriends, husbands, and family men I know. This sexy, adorable, trouble maker could be, I've always thought, similar to them; especially from some of the sweet stories I've heard about him. 💕
Ooohh This was by far one of my favorites!! Wish it wasn't over but this was good. At least i got two other to read :)
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