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I present to you: My Men! Lol PS: Please do not refrain from drooling. Thank you.
SESSHOMARU! Look at him. He's so handsome!
Gilgamesh!!! But of course, he knew that already. There's just something about him that makes me just adore him, even though he is so arrogant and self-absorbed.
Yami Bakura AKA Thief King Bakura. I can't help it, I have a thing for bad boys!
Kenshin Himura! Bonus is: he also has a dark side. But anyway, he is so badass and caring... It's just so sexy.
Shinya Kogami!! He's extremely smart and is a major badass with his skills. MM! So Hott! So Sexy! I'm drooling right now.
Demon Eyes Kyo! Another bad boy! Well, he's bad, but good too. He's so sexy, though. And them red eyes.... You better run and hide, Kyo! I'm about to pounce!
GRIMMJOW!!! (I'm in bad boy heaven right now.)
Gurren Ichinose!!! So handsome and powerful! EEK!!!
Hei (BK201)! For someone is isn't supposed to feel anything in the emotion department because he's a contractor, he does feel. And boy can he fight, too! I also love the fact that he can use electricity with his body! Get it, Hei! Lol
My honorable mentions, because I just love too many: Archer (Shirou's badass future self), Marik (without the freaky veins. Love the fanart), Kougaiji (from Saiyuki Reload), and Roy Mustang (again, the fanart is amazing. I wish I was that skilled). @AngelesFraga
I like both men and teenage boys in my anime. But they have to be manly or really funny. I usually watch anime with attractive guys😉
@AngelesFraga yea me to lol😂😂
Lol. YES! *high fives*
I guess I'm at that stage now where the adults in anime are my main targets! Probably because I'm not a teen anymore. Lol although a lot of the "teenage" anime characters are really good looking and all. But the men, though. MM! I need a man in my life... 😅
Shinya, Ichonose and Hei are soo hot and attractive *heavily Breathing*. Good list, good list👍
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