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Foodies Assemble - The Katz Deli Ruben
Everyone knows about Katz. It's the place where Harry met Sally. It's the place where you can't actually finish a sandwich no matter how hungover you are. It's the only sandwich place that actually has bouncers. Well I went there today and my sandwich was HEAVENLY! Just look at my Ruben!
Are the lines insane, the sandwiches $20 a piece, and the biggest tourist trap after time square... Yes. But when you're still drunk from last night, trying to pull your life together, this is a you really need. Has anyone else ever been to Katz!?
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No, but after seeing that beautiful sandwhich, imma be a regular customer.
2 years ago·Reply
Omg, I LOVE REUBENS. They're easily my favorite sandwich of all time.
2 years ago·Reply
@danidee inconceivable
2 years ago·Reply
Greatest pastrami sandwich I've ever had...thanks for the invite
2 years ago·Reply
we need this in Sydney! Arghhhh
2 years ago·Reply