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An opinion please?
Ok so I'm thinking about buying another figma just because lol. But which one should I get (if I do get one)? The choices are:
Racing Miku 2013 version. I mean I find her to be quite basic yet amazing. She doesn't come with many accessories but I think that's alright. Before anyone I probably will not buy her bike(s).
Or should I get figma Asuna? Asuna is bae asf and normally I wouldn't think twice about buying her, however I'm expecting the Asuna Alo. Version.
(For those of you that do not know how Alo Asuna looks, this is her)
but them all
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@xxJxx my broke self can barely afford 1 馃槀馃槀
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I'd pick the one that goes best with your collection! Either in terms of compatible poses or from the same series/genre
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You Should Get Figma Asuna
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