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I'm not gonna express how I feel about this theme but I hope you enjoy the feels ^.^ (also this is a week late but whatever lol) ~Things do get a little angsty so be aware!!

Let The Tears Fall

Never in your life would you think you would be in a situation like this. You were sitting in your favorite caf茅 waiting. You weren't even sure he would show up as you readjusted your scarf around your neck. These past few days had been really cold and you thought is was extremely fitting considering the feeling you had in your heart. At that moment you saw him, Kim Seokjin. He had on a gray knit sweater covered with a blue puffy jacket that fit him perfectly. With black fitted pants and dark blue Converses he looked like someone out of a magazine. His look was finished up with double earrings on his left ear and black glasses. It was impossible for your heart not to skip a beat as you two met eyes for a brief second. You quickly averted your gaze to the coffee in front of you. You still couldn't believe it. You had always been a good judge of character, always being cautious to who you allowed to get close to you. That's why Jin was special for all the bad reasons. He fooled you with his nervous, shy guy act. Your jaw was set as he smiled and made his way over to you. You stood to welcome him, a frown on your face, as he hugged you. When leaning in for a kiss you turned your head quickly escaping his tender lips. His face immediately took on a caring tone as grabbed your hands. "Aiiisshh what did oppa do this time?" The smile that used to bring joy and cheer in your life now only brought disgust and despair to you as you let your hands slip from his. "Sit down Jin... We need to talk." Your tone makes Jin gaze at you with confusion as he quietly sits down. The wind is cold against your face as the both of you sit. It is completely silent apart from the light chatter that surrounds you. Jin reaches for your hand again and for a moment you let him grasp it. You don't squeeze his hand like you would usually do. "Y/N......what's wrong? Did something happen?" He gives you a look of concern and for a second you consider telling him its nothing. You could easily forget about what you saw that night when you came home earlier than expected. You could easily shrug off the whole thing and pretend like it never happened. But you know it would never be the same. That night.....the things you saw was something you would never forget. You free your hand from his. Your voice is so soft you wonder if he can hear you. "......why?" You're staring down at your coffee unable to look him in the eyes. Why were you acting like this? You weren't the one who did anything wrong but yet you felt ashamed. Could this all be your fault? Were you not good enough? You had always been confident in yourself but now you could feel yourself wavering. Maybe Jin did have a reason to do what he did. Maybe you had this coming.... "Y/N." Jin's voice makes you lift your head. You can see the worry on his face. "Just tell me what's going on." Suddenly you picture the night before. You remember working extra hard so you could get home early and surprise Jin. Just the very thought of spending a whole night with him brought a smile to your face. It had been a while due to his and your clashing work schedule. You remembered opening the front door expecting to see him sitting at the dining table with a home cooked dinner. That was something he always did even when he knew you were going to be late. He told you that he would wait until the end of time just to sit and eat with you. You remember that you were curious when you saw the empty table. You searched the whole bottom floor not seeing a trace of your boyfriend anywhere. Feeling worried you climbed the stairs to the second floor. "Jin?" You called his name softly. You remembered hearing moans and groans from you and Jin's bedroom. You then looked down on the floor and covered your mouth with your hand as you spotted stray clothing that led to the bedroom. You stumbled to the closed door leaning your ear on it. Jin's voice still echoed in your head. "Yeah baby......Just like that. do it so well." You left before you could hear any more. It was not until you got to your car that you realized you were crying. That night was something you never wanted to experience again. The pain you felt in your heart was almost suffocating and it wouldn't go away. Now as you sat away from the guy you called your boyfriend you realized this whole time he was just playing with your emotions. You were nothing more than entertainment. As this realization hit you finally meet eyes with Jin. The brown orbs seem to stare into your soul but you hold the gaze. "We're breaking up." The words slip out your mouth with ease and your face remains blank and emotionless. Jin shakes his head in confusion. He gives you a smile that used to give you butterflies. Now all it does is turn you stomach in disgust. "Y/N what do you mean? Did I do something wrong?" You continue to stare at him but now you smile. "I think we both know the answer to that question." Jin's face falls and you know its all true. Jin cheated on you. He went behind you back and betrayed you. You bite your lip tears threatening to fall. "I'm.... I'm sorry Y/N. I never meant to-" You push away from the table and Jin goes silent. "Its over Jin. You don't need to explain. You don't need to do anything." You stand and turn to leave. As you lay the money down for your coffee Jin grabs your wrist. "Y/N please....don't go. I only want you so....please stay." Your back is turned to him and for a while you two stay there like that. You wrench your wrist from his grasp. "Goodbye Jin." The cries from Jin reach your ears but you walk on, your pace never wavering. The wind blows again and you feel the cool wind hit your face. You stop and with shaking hands you touch your face. Then you realize it. You're.....crying. The pain in your heart is still there. The surge of confidence that was with you moments ago was gone. All that was left was a strange emptiness. You don't move suddenly frozen in place. The world has seemed to stop. And all you can do is let the tears fall.....
I never been through a break-up but I can only imagine the pain and loneliness that people go through. @11erinmims @4dalientae @AdiaJasinskin @AlexAckerman @aliciasalinas @AliciaStransky @AlmaRangel @AmandaOwnbey @amberg171997 @AmberRelynn @amobigbang @Angelblue @AnnieGoodman @ArielaPicazo @ARMYStarlight @ashleyemmert @ashrose33 @Badtz @B1A4BTS5ever @BAbrajan1 @baileykayleen @bambamisbae @bangtanella @Beckah1327 @Bitterlimelight @blackirishawk @BluBear07 @BriannaN @brirodriguez412 @Britneygraham @BulletproofV @Byeoli @CallMeMsDragon @CandaceJordan @CarleB @CarlaAcosta @CarlaPacheco @carolinaquito14 @CassidyRoush @CassieWarens @ccebox47 @ChauncySutton13 @ChavaBerry @ChelseaGarcia @chinabarrier16 @Chiqiang @Choijiah @christianliu @CocatolaOtaku @CreeTheOtaku @Dabaesaplayer @DaisyPhun @DamarisCisneros @dancingdazzler @daniimals @deefran @Defy24601 @DesireeChucklez @DestinaByrd @DestineeLiu @destiny1419 @DreaG1518 @EdithJang @Emealia @EliseB @ElniWyatt @emilyanpham14 @Ercurrent @ESwee @exobts947 @externallyeli @fleaisms @FrancescaV95BTS @funnelcakeboo @Gianlica @Gizzy2002 @gummydragon @Helixx @hobisprincess @HyunnieKim @ILikeHisFace123 @InnocentiaKishi @JadeNarine @JadeOwens @jaidemae @Jasminep96 @JasmineWilliams @JasminMartinez @JasminPerez @jazgaara33 @JelliBelli111 @jessicacheung97 @JessicaFigueroa @jiminsabs @JinsPrincess86 @Jiyongixoxo @justcallmekyki @JazzyJazJaz @JohnHomampha @KAddict @kanatm @kandle779 @KatMejia @KatelynSummerso @KarlythePanda66 @KellyOConnor @Kelsiumm @Keniaaxox @KeylaMoreno @KeziahWright @kgutierrez @KhouYang @Kieuseru @KimHeecha @kmeier230 @kpopbunny9 @kpopandkimchi @KPOPER1 @KPopFandom @KpopGaby @Kpoplover20 @Kpossible4250 @krin @KrystaDaricek @KwonOfAKind @Kyokeo @lashonda0917 @LaurenStrayhorn @leelee12 @LenaBlackRose @lennykpop @LexTay327 @Lexxcisco @Ligaya @LilySilver @liannet27 @lisbt92 @Lizzeh @loftonc16 @luna1171 @MaatiCasanova @MadAndrea @Maddie27 @maddiedo @MandyNoona @MariahMaes @MaricelvaRomero @Meeshell @megancurrent9 @MelinaHernandez @merryjayne13 @MichelleIbarra @Mightmuffin @MinDeji @minimonkey07 @Minnieluvs @mirandazamira @MischiefK1ng @MistressSiren @moonchild03 @MorganElisabeth @musicmofo @myylifeisnow @MyriamMadla98 @MZDawson31508 @NaughTae @NelyLovo @nenegrint14 @nerdy3000 @ninjamidori @obiterdictum @Onenonlybovie @OnLarrysCloud @P1B2Bear @pkhyeri @PrettieeEmm @PrincessUnicorn @poojas @QueenLele @raenel @rapmonsterous20 @Rhia @rosajlm2 @roseeoh @Roxy1903 @SamanthaRae19 @SarahVanDorn @sarangseoltang @SarangRavi @saraortiz2002 @shelbiisonfire @ShimJooKyung @SierraBecerra @SilentPianist @Simba14 @SkyRollins @solodaywithB1A4 @squishyseokjin @staceyholley @Stefany17 @StephaniePoore @sugakookie @SugalessJams @SugaOnTop @sugasweetness @SunnaWalo @SunshineChang @SusiBosshammer @swarrier16 @Taehyungie @TaehyungKey @Taisa @TeaeraHarrell @terenailyn @thatoneoutcast @Ticasensei @TiffanyBibian @Tigerlily84 @tinaechle @TLeahEdwards @ToppDogg @torchix @TracyLynnn @UnnieCakesAli @Vay754 @VeronicaArtino @VioletaDelRio @VIPFreak2NE1 @ViStorm @viviano6 @VixenViVi @Vixxstarlight1 @VKookie47 @vlargos @vyntnguyen24 @XergaB20 @XionHeart @Xoxojessica12 @xxxtina @ydona @YeseniaF @YeseniaLira @yewookyu @Zyxzj
Oh god is this on wattpad
This was beautiful!! Oh my heart my oh 馃槶馃槶馃挃
Gosh darn it. My heart will be in too many pieces for anyone to put back together if I keep reading things like this.....
Jin why?? We could of been happy!!
This was well written. Ugh, the pain. You did a great job.
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