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Hola lovely Carats!!!
Bienvenido to the second Sing It Sundays with me!!
(I wish it could have been an adventure like @ChelseaJay but I'm not that creative in English T_T)


Today we will be sailing away with our vocalist unit.
Tell me whom do you ship..
Shall we start? Haja!!
Our first lovely couple on board is:


The chemistry between our vocalist Jeonghan and SVT's leader is just so cute cringe-worthy, I'll fall in love with Jeonghan (for the hair) <3
S.Coup must love our Angel.
What do you think of this ship?
Our second couple on board is:


It's so beautiful I want to cry. Just look at these two...kinda ironic that Joshua is religious and Jeonghan is called :1004 or Angel don't you think?
Regardless this is one match made to ship the sky. And it helps to be part of the visuals too.
What do you think of this ship:
Our third lovely couple on board is:


A dreamy couple indeed: visual & vocalist pair. I'll say this is OMG.
Vernon is such a catch and with Seungkwan who's a cutie, like who wouldn't want these two sailing off together.
Plus just look at the way Vernon looks at Seungkwan..and his smile is just mesmerizing.
What do you think of this ship:
Our fourth couple on board is:

SeokKwan's Dokyeom ladies and gentleman he can just veer away and ship on down to the Caribben with baggage. That's okay. jaja
But on a serious note: Seungkwan do you not liking being ship with two hotties? What a lucky guy jaja.
What do you think of this ship:
Our fifth and "it's complicated" couple(s) on board are:





Because it kinda helps when you're the leader of the unit you ship with everyone practically..gosh Woozi can't you pick one? lol (it's okis because we understand the struggle of bias-ing all 13 lanes)
So do you ship any of these? jaja
All these lovely couples onboard the ship after their flight session with the Hip Hop Unit sure is exhausting and time consuming.
Hopefully they can straighten out who they want to stay with.
Do you ship any of the vocalist with someone other than the mentioned above?
Make sure to give some advise the the boys on who they will do best with.
Well my lovely Carats, I hope you get to see the vocal unit waving from sea as they head on down to the Caribbean to pick me up since I missed the flight Friday. TT_TT
I'll do better next time.
Tagging my lovely Carats:
And my proud list of Carat taggies:
Let me know if you want to be on board for the next adventure (I need more taggies lol)
Diamond Besos!
omfgggg. so cuteeeee!
VERKWAN AND SEOKKWAN AND JIHAN ♡_♡ Thank you for this lovely card! I absolutely love the content!