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If BTS attended uni with me right now~ *searches for study abroad programs*

♢♢ Gif game by @MrsJungHoseok ♢♢

Oppa, please don't fail me :,3

I'm not a bad student. I'd just be distracted. Really distracted.

We would put it off until the last second and spend most of the time laughing at random stuff, playing games, and making faces! (:

RapMon oppa, please don't fail us! xD

A different shop every day would be legit~~ maybe we could eat at his dad's cafe someday, too ^^

Can't resist me!~ I mean, the feeling's mutual though, hehe ;p

Just wanted to include this because it made me laugh! ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔ


I had fun! :D thx for posting!

♢♢ Gif game by @MrsJungHoseok ♢♢