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Summary: Taking a break from her schooling and finally earning enough money, she decides to go visit South Korea with her friend Anong Boonsri, who has already graduated college. But after meeting a special person who offers her a job that will change her life for the better, will she say yes? Word count: 2,150
Taking a breath of fresh air, I closed my eyes and stood in my new home with Anong by my side. I took off my shoes and put on slippers, dropping my bags by a black leathered couch. Instinctively I raced to the kitchen searching for food only to find nothing. I groaned inwardly knowing that I would have to go grocery shopping. It's fine though, really. I know korean so I wouldn't be confused at everything and especially with the money. It is completely different from American, Canadian, and Laos money. When I first saw and read korean prices and money I was confused as to how it worked. I grabbed my bags, hauling them up the stairs to my new bedroom. Here goes nothing. I opened the door and what surprised me was how natural it looked. The walls were white with silver lining patterns across the top and bottom, with a smooth white ceiling I knew I would end up putting glow in the dark stars on sooner or later. The floor was made of smoothened maple wood that had light and dark patterns within every foot. A large window was straight ahead near the right side of the bed that overlooked the neighborhood, giving off a friendly feeling. I hope to meet some of my neighbors. The room was bare other than a queen sized bed with a white comforter and silver satin pillows along with a creamy wooden headboard. Once I was in the middle of the room I saw two doors to my right. Please be a closet and bathroom, I begged myself, slowly approaching one of the two doors. To no surprise this on was the closet. It wasn't big nor was it small, making it just enough for the clothes I packed. Closing the door, I set my bags near it, while walking to the other one only a few feet away. Opening the door I got the shock of my life. It not only was a bathroom but it connected to Anong's room, who was also staring in the same bathroom, amused by the interior. It was all white but the shower was black along with the tile floor, while the sink, toilet, cabinet, and bathtub were whitewashed. We stared at each other in awe before bursting into a fit of laughter. "Look at my room! It totally fits me!!!" Anong squealed before grabbing my wrist and pulling me into her room. Wow, she wasn't lying, I awed at the interior of her room. The walls were a light grey with gold linings like mine and a smooth grey ceiling. The floors were a creamy wood colour with a bed on the right wall near her closet. The room itself totally fit her. The comforter on the king sized bed was a silky black with gold satin pillows and a maple wooden headboard. I was taking it all in, knowing that we both loved our choices of rooms. A voice interrupted my thought process. "I love your room too, but not as much as mine! They both fit our sense of taste and style." She boomed at me with an ecstatic smile. She obviously loved this place and I knew she was gonna love it more once I told her about the practice room. I beamed my best smile at her while giggling a little. She doesn't know what hit her. "I have a surprise for you~!" I cooed at her while grabbing both her wrists in anticipation. She's going to love this. Well, at least I hope she will. Anong looked at me as if I were up to something-which I am, but it's not a secret. For long. "Close your eyes." "What are you up to?" She hesitated while slowing her pace, making me go slower than I already was. "You'll see." She closed her eyes, complying to my command. I let go of her wrists to open the door at the end of the hall, and pulled her into the room. It was huge. The floors were a beige coloured wood while to the right was a wall of mirrors from the ceiling to the floor. There were speakers on each corner of the room and the walls were a bright white colour, blinding me internally. A place where we could connect and put on music was in the left corner and a closet was right next to it, obviously to put away unnecessary needs such as coats or mats, and shoes. "And open them in 3, 2, 1." She opened them before I got to the number 2. You're supposed to wait till I'm finished with counting. Gosh, get it right. I shake my head chuckling at my inward conversation with myself. Good god I'm such a weirdo. Anong looked at me weird before pulling a face of pure amazement, telling me that she obviously loved it. She jumped on me wrapping her legs around my waist and arms around my neck. Good thing I took weightlifting class, or else I probably would have fallen. I held her, feeling my right shoulder begin to get wet. Is she crying!? No, I didn't mean to make her cry. I carried her to the couch that was on the other side of room, and set her down, sitting next to her. Rubbing her back, I asked her "What's wrong? I'm sorry for making you cry! We can move somewhere else if you don't like it..." I trailed off at the end hoping she didn't hear me, but sure enough she did. Lifting her head, she stifled a laugh. Is she laughing at me now? How rude. She shook her head and gave a hand motion meaning no. "I'm just really happy and surprised. How could you afford this place!?" She exclaimed in disbelief, curiosity burning me with her eyes. I actually bought this place with my own money because I didn't want her to pay for something she didn't need to. She can buy the food, but not the house. That's my job. "I bought it from all of my savings over the years. That's why I couldn't go to KCon with you." I chuckled while wiping her tear stained cheeks. I continued, "It's my job to pay this time. Besides, it wasn't that much. Only about..." I rambled off counting in my head trying to remember the amount of money I had spent in order to have this entire house. "Well....?" She asked, obviously anxious to know the answer. "Let's just say it was enough to make it so you get to buy food." I almost choked on nothing because of the look on her face. It contorted in such a way that made her look pitiful and hideous, although in my opinion she's pretty no matter what. Even if she put tape on her nose to make her look like a pig, she would still be gorgeous. Funny looking, but gorgeous.
"Why did you spend that much!? I could've helped!!!" She whined. God, her whining was worse than your average white girl. I laughed at my own comparison about her and an average white girl. I completely ignored her question and got up, grabbing her hands helping her up to stand. "Time to get some food! I'm starving! This monster isn't gonna feed itself." Anong laughed at my comment, while dragging me out if the house to the nearest food market. We didn't have a car but I know the store wasn't too far from here. Only a 20 minute walk to and back home. We laughed and talked about all of our plans we wanted to do while we were here, but our main priority was food, and we were starving. Anong was that one kind of person you could tell anything to, and she wouldn't tell a soul about it if you didn't want her to. Yeah, she was upbeat and outgoing, but on the inside she's a little ball of fur that's sensitive to almost everything. She only shows that side of herself to me, no one else. It's as if she's hiding behind a mask of her own self. Everybody has two personalities, I love both of them for they are here, but I especially loved it when she gets over emotional, I love her even more. I may sound like I'm attracted to her but I'm not. I just love that she is herself and doesn't pretend around me or others. We all have that one friend we love for any reason and anything they do. She is like the chopsticks to my food. She is my everything and I love her wholeheartedly. When we were at the store, everybody kept giving us these looks and would come up to us asking "Do you speak korean!? Are you both idols!?" We have never laughed so hard in our laughs. Of course we did it when nobody was looking to not be rude or disrespectful. We answer them with "Yes, we speak korean, and no we are not idols. Although we wish to be." It was great. The looks people giving us were great. They peered at us as if we really were idols or celebrities, or just at the fact we were foreigners.
"Aish~" Anong sighed, frustrated. Must've forgotten something. I shrugged my shoulders before hearing her say, "Hey, Hatai. Can you go to the kimchi isle? I forgot some." I nodded my head in understanding. "What flavours?" I asked. There are tons of flavours and I had no idea which ones to get. "Get whatever there is. Dont get too much though, I'm running out of money." She ushered me to go get the kimchi and leave her side as she waits, looking at all the fruits they had. She should get some strawberries. I walked throughout the store looking for the kimchi isle and found it with a whole bunch of noodles and spices. I looked around trying to figure what flavours i should get. I decided to get the original but should I get spicy or sour? I looked around trying to find it but when I did, I realised I was out of luck. There was only one more spicy and one more sour and they were both on the top shelf. Curse my height! I was on my tippy toes, reaching as far as my arms could while hanging onto one of the shelfs. Really wish I was taller at this moment. Suddenly I saw two large hands grab both of them. What!? No! I turned to face the culprit only to find a really handsome guy behind me. He looked about 5'10 and roughly around 23. Only 4 years older. Whatever, he's still cute. "Those are mine." I pointed at both of the kimchis he was holding, obviously upset that he took the last ones. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know." How? Are you blind!? I was obviously trying to get those! I swear, this kid. Who does he think he is!? Come to realize, he does look quite familiar. Have I met him before? No, or else I would have befriended him or at least remembered his name. He looked flustered and handed me the food. "Here you go. I can just get another flavour." He rubbed the back of his neck, blood rushing up to his once perfectly fair skin. He had black hair that parted on the right side, his bangs sweeping over to his left. He had small lips that any girl would die for. His eyes were a creamy chocolate brown that glimmered in the reflection of the overhead lights. He was wearing a black hoodie, with blue jeans, perfectly paired with tan timberlands. Why does he look so familiar? I furrowed my brows, confusion obviously written on my face. "Thank you." I bowed while smiling a little, embarrassed of how long I was staring at him. Come one Hatai. He's just a stranger. Little did I know he was no stranger. "What's your name?" Oh no. He must have noticed me staring. Well that's embarrassing. I giggled in embarrassment, while nodding my head up and down. "My name is Nari Hatai, and you?" He looked oddly familiar and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Maybe he is one of Anong's friends. Nah. I would know him, no doubt about that. Maybe we walked past him on the streets. Yes! That's it! Great job Hatai! Nice work! I silently praised myself while waiting for his answer. Little did I know that his answer would shock me for the rest of my life. Little did I know everyone was looking at us, standing in the noodles isle while standing only a foot apart. Little did I know, I was his biggest fan. "My name is Jeon Jungkook." Wait, what!?
What a twist! What do you guus think? Comment below. Did you guys think it was going to be Jungkookie, or someone else?
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I think it's going to be jungkookie😅😄