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Hey everyone can I have your attention please! I just watched the first episode of Ajin Demi-Human, an anime produced by Netflix available to watch the first season! It was originally a manga and good ol Netflix picked it up. It's so intense and freaking awesome! The animation and visual style are really unique and really awesome I'm just creating this card because I haven't heard anything about it here on Vingle so I wanted to be the first to tell you guys I'm gripped! I highly recommend it! It's rated mature and classified in the horror genre so you know it's gonna be intense and fricken action packed! I don't want to give anything away but I'll just sum up its set in Japan and the world has discovered the existence of beings called Ajin, which are these beings that can't be killed. This boy discovers he is one and is thrust into a world of political intrigue and is now being pursued by the world's leading organizations and police who take them and lock em up and perform experiments on them. He instantly resolves to never be caught. Ahhj I got goosebumps and shit! Just wanted everyone to know it's bad ass I'm gonna keep watching and see whee it goes. It's brand spanking new to, made this year. Some images of the MC and his ally and some of the art from the manga and show down at the bottom! Watch it and let me know what you guys think in the comments, a message, or your own card! I'd love to talk about it.
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@CrystalNnadi yeah sometimes they just buy the production rights and pay other companies to produce it. but still it's thanks to their money and efforts that this stuff gets to us and that they decide to broadcast it on their service. so thanks is still due for them regardless I think
a lot of the stuff is dead in the water and they pay to revitalize it. like Arrested Development, that was dead and they payed to make more. produced the shit out it. they do originals like Unbreakable, Hemlock Grove, Marco Polo, all that is original stuff by them that they help produce and write and everything. the mecha they helped made was called Knight of Cyridonia. it was pretty solid, I watched a good portion of the 1st season. in not saying Netflix if the vest new production company, but they do good stuff with their money, invest in cool projects, and are involved to different degrees in them
Thanks, i'll check it out later (2 seconds later)
@SAMURXAI. found a dual audio on Nyaa... 6.6Gb tho. Have to goto Starbucks when it re-opens
@Colonellinguis it's worth some effort I'm on ep 11 just finished 10 and man its just gripping intense and all around well done. edge of the seat thriller. Oh the voice cast for the English dub is awesome you'll recognize some no doubt. sucks you have to jump through so many hoops though