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Fifteenth Group: High4
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Members: (4)
Name: Alexander Kim
Stage Name: Alex
Born: 1990
He is a rapper.
Fun fact: He can speak English.
He is also in the sub-unit High4:20.
Name: Kim Sung Gu
Stage Name: Sunggu
Born: 1992
He is the Leader and a vocalist.
Name: Baek Myung Han
Stage Name: Myunghan
Born: 1993
He is a vocalist.
Name: Yim Young Jun
Stage Name: Youngjun
Born: 1995
He is the Maknae and a rapper.
He is also in the sub-unit High4:20.
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yo after listening to their song with iu i was HOOKED!!
i love high4 and it bums me out they're not very recognized Alex is so cute!!!
Yes!!!! First song I heard from them is Baby boy, but my current favorite is "Not spring, love, or cherry blossoms" 😀💕👏
@Ercurrent No probs! 😉😋
@ChaErica thanks boo! 😊
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