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Hey you guys. Its time for find out who your lover will be for the rest of this game. REMEMBER NO CHEATING!! If you missed Day 1 just go here. Okay enough stalling let's find out who you got

Door #1 is........Shownu

A loving robot who will protect you always --> @PrincessUnicorn @krysuju @Starbell808

Door #2 is......I.M

The cute maknae will make you scream your eyes out. Don't question it just let it happen --> @AimeeH @MelissaGarza

Door #3 is........Hyungwon

This luscious lip idol will always be prettier than you. But it's okay because your beauty will be the only thing he sees @Kyokeo @xXYGXx @mycreativename

Door #4 is......Jooheon

This cute yet sexy beast will keep you smiling evrrytime you look at him @ortizwendy17 @swarrier16 @MsLoyalHeart

Door #5 is.....Minhyuk

The cutest and most charismatic person I have ever seen. He is defintiley a keeper.(sorry biased) lol -> @michievip @JaxomB @amberg171997 @CrystalGuerra @LemonLassie @P1B2Bear so many people has my bias ;_;

Door #6 is.....Wonho

Sexy and rudest person in the world. He knows all your weak points ;) @H8rt4u @twistedPuppy

Door #7 is.....Kihyun

He is loveable and caring. He serenades you everyday before you sleep. @VatcheeAfandi99 @lovetop

Are You Happy About Your Choice?

Day 2 will be uploaded either today or tommorow!
Jooheon!!!! Why are you doing this to my poor heart!?
Yay!! mine is I.M 😍
i got my shownu
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