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So yesterday I had gotten sick... all day today off/on sleep So I will be postponing my cover to thursday, 21st also I had decided last week i would use my sundays off to write a new chapter to my fanfic... yeah postponing that to til thursday.. basically next day off @BBxGD @Nikkitty @LemonLasse @Jiyongixoxo @tiffany1922 @EliseB @marsamusic @PrettieeEmm @victoria97 @Ercurrent @MelissaGarza @flxvour @Annaharris1989 @DestinaByrd @pharmgirlerin @yaya12 @faith92 @MsLoyalHeart @pharmgirlerin @KristinaCaron @MarrickeJ33 @KaeliShearer @CrystalBlunt @Jiyongixoxo @lilbr0wneyes @MykelHobbs @CallMeMsDragon @KaiJae @dallasyamane @nmeza29 @CreeTheOtaku @Annaharris1989 @yaya12 @sherrysahar @MandyNoona @KwonOfAKind @drummergirl691@Elipunt @PassTheSuga @SugaOnTop @mrsjeon
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get some rest and I hope you get better
2 years ago·Reply
Feel better sweetie, there are some nasty bugs going around. Make sure you get rest and vitamin C.
2 years ago·Reply
awwww feel better soon.
2 years ago·Reply
feel better soon okay?
2 years ago·Reply
Get lots of rest!!
2 years ago·Reply