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Not knowing what else to do you call for rehearsal to begin again. You throw your cover shirt back on, it doesn’t matter how blasted hot it is. Everyone can still feel the tension through the remainder of the practice session. You try to work them extra hard hoping it will force out some of the angst in the room.
As soon as practice ends you grab your stuff and head out the door before any of them can stop you. You hear a voice calling you from behind but continue on, pretending you don't hear it.
“Noona!” you’re grabbed from behind and spun around.
“I know you heard me.”
You turn cold eyes to [HN]’s member, the one that thinks he’s sick for loving you.
“Can I help you?”
He shoves his hand through his hair and has the decency to look uncomfortable.
“Did you have other insults for me or is this something work related?”
“Shit. Noona, I didn’t mean it like that, you know how much I like and respect you."
You look him squarely in the eyes,
“Just not enough to be with your friend? Whatever your sick little mind has come up with, I didn’t pursue him. But I won’t deny that I love him either.”
“It was just a shock you know? He’s been in love with some mysterious woman since I’ve known him. I just didn’t, you didn’t even ..”
“Cross your mind? Welcome to the club, it was a bit of a shock for me too.”
You stand there with your arms folded waiting for the rest of what he has to say.
“I was with him when he bought that a couple of weeks ago,” he shrugs and puts his hands on his hips.
“I’d never seen him so excited, talking about how she’d… err, you, had finally come around and he thought he really had a chance.”
He looks at his feet a minute, “You’re just not my type, you’re noona..”
You raise an eyebrow,
“I’m well aware of who I am. For the record, I’m glad I’m not your type; that would be just creepy. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that he says he loves me. If he’s being truthful, than you were right; I did have to wait for a good man to notice me.”
You walk away, unaware that [HN] has come up behind the two of you. As you pull out of the parking lot you can see the two in a heated discussion again. You look away and continue towards home.
An hour later your text goes off…
HN: [YN]-ah we need to talk, can I come over?
YOU: Not tonight. Enough has been said or not said today.
HN: Don’t do this. Let me in.
YOU: Let you in?
HN: I’m outside your door.
You walk over and open your door to find him standing on the doorstep. You simply turn and walk back inside your apartment. A single red rose appears in front of you, then a face as he tilts your chin up.
“Do you have any idea how humiliating today was?”
“I’m sorry Jagi; I should have just told everyone right then. That’s not how I wanted them to find out, so I waivered. Please forgive me.”
You push your hair back, “My fault really, I forgot I had the necklace on.”
He stands up and pulls you with him,
“Just for the record; you are worth every minute I had to wait.”
With that he kisses you tenderly, asking for more forgiveness and understanding.
“I told you, I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I only care that you believe in us and will give us a chance.”
You knew this wasn’t going to be easy; today was simply a shock out of the blue.
You reach up and try to smooth his worry lines.
Leaning up you press your lips to his in confirmation of your part in this relationship.
Aww the end is so sweet but i love it ^_^ update soon
Good job speaking your mind and putting his team member in his place. He didnt need to make you feel like that, and think he can get away with it!
Well I can breath again... goodness I thought that would turn into an up roar. thanks for everything ending well with, I guess it wasn't JB, more like Jackson or Mark clearing up that remark.. lol reMark
Wow, I was a little worried to even read it. Worried about what I might have to do to that little @&$#! We can get through this, and maybe it's time to tell the rest of the boys to keep this from happening again. Scary, I'll let him lead, he knows them better than me.