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Granted, maybe neither of these fabulous wedding cakes suits you, but IF YOU SIMPLY HAD TO CHOOSE between these two different cakes, which is your favorite?
I am LOVING the brushed matte gold of the A cake, which was created by cake artist, Paloma Efron, of Coco Paloma Desserts, in Austin, TX. Notice how each of the tiers is a different size in height!
Then there's the B cake, which I also love. Loving the architectural gold stripes, the ruffles, and the sugar florals. Lots of texture and blushy pink--designed by Cat Campbell of the Cake Whisperer in Canada.
So, now it's up to you all--which is your FAV?!
Leave your comments below!
b definitely I love all the different color
Definitely B.
I know--it's so hard to choose @Jojo259 I love the variety of colors too @raenel
i love them both! A is me, plain and simple, but B is the creative side of me!can't i just have both!