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This is the last card everyone, and it is all about BTS!
Theses boys just keep getting more and more handsome with every comeback! From "No More Dream" to now, they just keep improving and growing and it is a pleasure to witness this. I love them so much, and I know that with how hard they work, this trend will surely continue!
Their dancing is amazing! The choreography is always fantastic, and they bring it every time! Even Jin and Rap Monster, who are not exactly know for their dance skills, are always improving! I love how smooth they are, their foot work, and not to mention the hip thrusts... Their voices too! I would put videos up, but I do not have enough room to include them on this card. I am sure we all know though! They are just unbelievable artists who deserve every happiness.
They are always making me laugh, too! They are so funny and relatable on top of their talent and attractiveness, that it is really difficult to NOT fall head over heels for them!
They are all so handsome! I love each and every one of them! You may have noticed that one person is missing here though, and that is because we are going to do one final appreciation for the star of this challenge!
Jimin! Look at him! He is handsome, sexy, cute, and soooo talented! He has honestly and truly become my everything, and I cannot wait to see more from him and the boys for many years to come.
This is the last card of this challenge. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me this whole time! When I started this challenge last month, I did not expect to receive so much love and support from so many people! Throughout this challenge, I have been featured in the BTS community, got over 500 likes on one card, and I have even cracked the top ten in both the BTS and K-Pop communities for the month of April! I could not even believe how well-received these cards were! It has been a great pleasure to really get to connect with this community. This has been my first time making cards regularly, and it makes me sad that I will probably not be as active after this as far as making cards go, but I have a few things planned for this Summer. I do not know if they will amount to anything, but even if they don't I hope to see everyone around!I will still be updating my collections and commenting around every day! Please tag me in things guys so I can give back to everyone who supported me! I know now that making cards on here can be a lot of work, so I would love to be able to support all of you!
@resavalencia @mrsjeon Thank you so much guys! I am sad too! I come home every day and I feel like I am missing something because I have no cards to make! 😭 I enjoyed this so much! Thank you!
NU PROBS @Defy24601
@mrsjeon *virtually sends hug in return* THANK YOU!!!
same omf *hugs u* IT'S GONNA BE OKAY DX
why do I feel so sad now
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