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When I learn about your favorite (or preferred) things, then I like to go out and find stuff that I think would fit your style. In this case, I am dedicating this card to another Vingler, @TurtleyTurtles. Recently, she shared how she prefers, "smaller, more dainty rings...with a decent sized amethyst, [and] a couple of small diamonds or something similar." You can see the card she was commenting on here.
by Anna Sheffield
About the ring:
"The Bea three stone ring features a stunning emerald blue sapphire which is set in an AS ceremonial signature basket featuring 10 prongs of mixed flat and delicate round. Inverted set trillion diamonds on each side lead the eye from the perfectly proportioned center to the subtle knife edge band.
1.12ct (7x5mm) emerald cut blue sapphire center with white diamond trillions set in 14k yellow gold"
by Anna Sheffield
About the ring:
"Camellia - a flower of profuse tear-shaped petals and meaning 'perfected loveliness'- is an apt namesake for this beautiful pink faceted-rough diamond ring. Rose cut and naturally opaque, the center stone is a one of a kind and sparkles brilliantly amidst the scalloped frame encrusted with pavé diamonds. Like their floral counterpart, these rings can be custom made with a unique center diamond in a range of hues from pale to smoky grey and pastel pink to rich burgundy.
One of a kind 0.5ct pale green diamond with 0.2ct white diamond frame set in 14k white gold."
by Anna Sheffield
About the ring:
"A timeless design made serene with it's watery Opal center, this Wheat Pavé ring is equal parts everyday and Ceremonial, and makes the perfect gift for those born in October or under the sign of Cancer, or just those who have come to love these splendorous gemstones.
Australian Opal, champagne diamonds set in 14k yellow gold."
I hope you like these @TurtleyTurtles. I didn't see any amethyst. Let me know if I came close...
I would Marshalledgar if I could afford it.
The blue Sapphire is beautiful but the Opal is screaming my name lol.
Wonderful to hear @turtleyturtles 😊😁😃
I love the sapphire. I'd prefer it shaped like a diamond, but the setting it perfect with the two little diamonds on the side. I like the idea of the second one, but I would prefer a different color of stone. Amethyst would fit perfectly. And the opal is beautiful, and I have always loved it, but it looks like it's shaped like a pearl, and I don't do pearls. If It's flat, then it works for me. The second one is probably my favorite.
I am fascinated by the first ring and the last ring.
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