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You all know how much I love to hand out Pop Quizzes on Vingle. Well, you won't believe what I learned from Readers Digest! Words that don't actually mean what we all think!
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People think it means: Energized.
But it really means: Weakened.
People think it means: A fun, trivial fact.
But it really means: A fun, FALSE fact.
People think it mean: Not flammable.
But it really means: Totally super flammable.
People think it means: Regardless.
But it really means: With regard, or nothing at all.
People think it means: Undisturbed.
But it really means: Utterly baffled.
People think it means: Someone who has broken the law.
But it really means: A person excluded from protection of the law.
People think it means: To skim.
But it really means: To thoroughly examine something point by point.

Did you all know this?!

I actually knew the 'irregardless' one. I used it ONCE, a long time ago, and was educated on the spot by someone who was a stickler about using your words correctly. OUCH! Well, I don't say that word anymore!
just cuz it makes more sense that way. even though I know that im wrong. @myaffairwith
@marshalledgar why is that? I looked it up and even they say easily set on fire!! I guess it makes sense when it says inflammable and poisonous gases!!!
Im still sorta convinced that inflammable really does mean impossible to burn.
Factoid and inflammable got me!!! I have been using them wrong 馃槀
All these words seem pretty normal but its probably because I read a lot of books
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