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Kinobody SuperHero Bulking Day 7

Kinobody SuperHero Bulking Day 7 - Intermittent Fasting Muscle Building Program Today is the end of week 1 and here is a recap. I started off the week at 156 lbs and ended at 154.6 lbs. Body fat went from 18.3% scale /12.6% handheld to 17.9% scale /13.1% handheld. I ended up losing a pound and a half while eating at a calorie surplus. I get to eat rice and tons of carbs again which feels good. I'm working out 3x a week and following the SuperHero Bulking Program, while doing calisthenics on Tuesday and Thursday. We'll see if my lifts go up next week which is the goal on Kinobody workouts. I'll take my measurements so I have a starting point to see if I can gain some inches on my biceps, legs, etc. Hope everybody had a great week, I sure did! Superhero Bulking Program: http://udskambulk.xyz
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Definitely looks like you had a successful week. Congrats!
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