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Looking to start on a new path of happiness (or more appropriately, joy)?
I was reading through some quotes, some self-help philosophies and other sources and discovered that it really boils down to three things.
When you stop gossiping about others, you actually free yourself from some of the bondage that prevents you from living your life for you. Those who gossip have a hard time embracing who they truly are and living their life on purpose. It's a life that is filled with regret, angst, powerlessness, fear and anxiety, among other things.
Break free from this weight by letting go of the gossip. When your friend starts to dish, gently, simply turn the conversation to something else.
When we're wronged, we spend more time burning ourselves out creating circumstances (and conversations) into fiction. We wind ourselves up into anger for things outside our control. One of the easiest, but most damaging ways to deal with hurt is to coddle it and hold grudges. It's easier to encase yourself in anger than it is to rise above it and make a decision to live your life that isn't shackled to hurt.
Forgiveness isn't about approving of the wrong-doing. It's about YOU moving forward with your life.
When you stop an realize that you are not the center of the universe--and neither is the next person--then you start to see just how unique everyone else is around you. You start to see others have it better and others have it worse. There will always be someone bigger, better and faster than you. At the same time, there will always be someone smaller, slower and not as blessed as you.
Take a minute to come down from your egotistical throne and recognize others.

What are some other things that will lead to happiness?