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What is going on? There have been earthquakes rocking all over! Japan, Myanmar and Ecuador. People are dead. People are lost. People are trapped. People are hurt. People are displaced. Lives ruined.
And then I saw this picture, taken by Dolores Ochoa, with the Associated Press. My heart just broke.
Seeing the grief of these boys just did me in. They learned that their sister was killed in the Ecuadorian earthquake that measured 7.8 with over 150 aftershocks. I just can't fathom the grief of all the people who have been affected by these seismic activities.
Here in California, I've felt minor quakes, along the range of 3 and 4. Nothing like what these countries have been experiencing.
I just lay my head in my pillow and cried.
I hope they are safe and sound @ercurrent
I have so many friends in Ecuador and have only heard from a few...this is a super stressful time and I pray everyone is safe:/
the picture says one thousand words :(
really heartbreaking.
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