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Here is what they did at Made Tour last year!! For our ♡April Birthday Boy♡ ★ Happy Birthday to our Dae Bae !!!! ★
I love Daesung in this original MV... his is ▶hilarious funny◀..♡♡♡♡ I die laughing too hard!!!
✪Eng Lyrics✪ Helloo~ I’m Daesung~AHAHAHAHAHAHA Chorus: Look at me look at me GwiSoon, look at me look at me GwiSoon Look at me look at me look at me right now Look at me look at me GwiSoon, look at me look at me GwiSoon Look at me look at me look at me Wife, Dear, Baby, what should I call you? What is my love doing right now? Did she eat, did she sleep well? All day I only think about my princess My heart (beating sound) Our love (whispering sound) Honey, look at me; where are you looking? Look at me! I present you all my passion Repeat Chorus Are you thinking about me too? Did you wait for your sky-like husband? The day goes by thinking about happy things in my head Tears (flowing sound) Snot (flowing sound) My stomach too (sound like you have butterflies in your somatch) Ah, your scent makes me nervous Repeat Chorus You’re so pretty, really cute, you’re so sexy, (Biting sound) I want to bite you I want to live my whole life with you My youth, oh baby, look at me closely at my gestures Repeat Chorus GwiSoon-ahhh ✮ROMANIZATION✮ Annyeonghaseyo~ Daesung-imnidaaaaahahahahaha Chorus: Nalbwa nalbwa kwisun nalbwa nalbwa kwisun Nalbwa nalbwa chigeum tangjan nalbwayo Nalbwa nalbwa kwisun nalbwa nalbwa kwisun Nalbwa nalbwa nalbwayo Yeobo tangshin aegi mweora pulleoteurilkka Nae nimeun chigeum mu-eol hago isseulkka Pabeun meogeott-ta chameun chal chatt-ta Haru waenjongil uri kongjunimsaenggakppun Kaseumi k’ongdak-k’ongdak-k’ongdak Sarangeun sokdak-sokdak-sokdak Chagiya nalbwa eodilbwa nalbwa Nae cheongyeoreul keudae-ege ta pach’iri Repeat Chorus Keudaedo nareul tteo-olligo isseulkka Haneulgat’eun seobangnim kidaryeosseulkka Ireonjeoraeon haengbokhan kominsoge haruga tto heureujiyo Nunmuri chureureureureureureuk K’otmuri heureureureureureuk Paega tto sallang-sallang-kanjil-kanjil A seolle-ineun keudaemanui hyanggiyeo Repeat Chorus Neomu yeppeo, cheongmal kwiyeoweo, you’re so sexy, ang kkaemureojugoship’eo Han p’yeongsaeng tagadorok tangshinkwa salgoship’eo Nae ch’eongch’uneul oh baby nalbwa chalbwa i momjiseul Repeat Chorus Kwisuna~
@DeniseiaGardner cuz reality we dont see him in the bathroom, not even big bang 😆
@BBxGD in the second video why did they have him come out the bathroom like really lol
@katyng52 😮😮 Someone thought of some zingers!!! I'm still going to send u some life size pics of him; don't worry they fit on regular sized paper! 😄😄😄 (DS eyes)!
@KDSnKJH aweeee sorry u missed him, don't tell me u didn't see him the same reason why DS didn't 'see' him😑.. I can see my YB and his perfect bod just fiiiine~~😍😈
@katyng52 I can't even see YB... where is he???? 😂😂😂😂😂
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