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that's right......so since everyone *cough cough* @bbxgd especially wanted to kill me today and let the cat out of the bag .....I decided to come clean about the situation ...

ughhhh well here goes nothing

soo as you all know Monday April 11th I had the amazing honor of seeing/meeting the lovely and extremely beautiful AOMG Crew.....little did I know my life would literally change forever
well it all started when I go to the venue to line up ....a certain lovely man came out by the name of Tim.....I knew from the moment I saw him , he was gonna be big trouble ......this man here killed me ..seriously I went for aomg but left with the new bae Tim ....but don't worry it gets worse .......
after dying at the hands of the absolutely sweetest man ever (even gave me a hug goodbye after the show ) it was time to go in and meet the lovely crew.....I was not prepared for the events that unfolded ......(but a little back story I've loved Jay for like 6 years now so I was most excited to see him , Gray I've always had my eye one because let's be honest he's perfect, dj pumpkin is an adorable bean so deff wanted to see him , Simon he's sexy as hell and never listened to his solo songs but I've had my eye on him , loco ......I've always thought he was the cutest human ever seriously the cutest thing and I loved the songs I've heard him ft in and his song respect)....
well there i was casually minding my business lining up waiting to take the picture ...and I see the guys for the first time ever in person! I was dying inside idk how I survived.....well as I look at each one and take in the fact that I'm in the same room as aomg , my eyes suddenly lock onto a certain person ....who is this person you ask??? loco .... as soon as I saw him and he looked at me I felt like my heart legit sank....
Loco...literally took my breath away for a second then it was picture time...(I had pre-planned that I wanted to be next to jay ...keep in mind we chose where we would Stand ) well idk what kinda spell I was under but I didn't even second guess it and went straight next to loco (I covered myself because I legit look like a dumb potato sack )
then after the rushed photo ...time to line up and shake hands etc....well I make it down the line ....I survived and last was ...of course loco i seriously felt like time froze he was just holding my hand and I felt like i just found my soulmate ...all seriousness the way he looked at me caused the biggest smile on my face (I seriously thought my face was gonna stay stuck like that) but he just kept staring and smiling and said thank you...And idk how the hell is managed to get words out but I just said thank you and it was time to part...and we just kept staring ...(stares continued throughout the whole show, and you guys know what happened after that)
well safe to say this man ruined me and no one! I mean no one (besides jiyong) had ever made feel the way things felt when I saw loco ..... I've always liked him but he wasn't extremely high on my list.....so I'm saying this and mean it when I say it........I love loco *gasps heard from afar* yup that's right I love loco that man is my world and no he didn't take jiyongs spot I promise
I'm serious jiyong no one could ever take your spot......you may have to share but just know I love you more than anything and even though Jay.......Tim.......Hyunho........soo hyuk......Simon .......basically all of aomg....and most importantly Loco are close behind you'll always be number one....Loco will just be #1.5
ps. he's ruined me to the point that I have had his whole album ...mainly 감아 on repeat for 5 days now...5!!! I can't get the song out of my head ....and I go to sleep listening to it (some Simon is on the playlist too and Jay) but it's extremely unhealthy how much I listen to it
wow! I felt like I was there. I love how you described your experience at the concert. ☺☺
that seems like an amazing experience