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On Monday you have a meeting between set, costume, and all of the members of History. First thing that morning Jak ran you over to get a new cell phone and number. You have spent the time before the meeting texting those that mattered your new number. When your parents ask why you need a new one you simply reply that it is more cost effective. The store transferred all your pictures, messages, and phone numbers over to your new phone.
When you enter the meeting Yijeong greets you and pulls out a chair for you next to him. Moonie arrives minutes later, taking the seat on your other side. You have decided to treat Kyungil like he doesn’t exist.
In a sense he is a client, you can treat him that way. As far as you are concerned, clients only have to accept your work, not you personally.
He tries to catch your eye repeatedly to which you deliberately ignore him. You see him repeatedly text, after which he looks up at you. He doesn’t have your new number, whatever he has to say he is just talking to himself.
Moonie; unaware of who the two of you had chatted about the previous day shoots you off a text. The slight buzz of your phone has you grabbing it before it disturbs the meeting.
Moonie: Girl, I told you you’re going to conquer South Korea. Kyungil can’t take his eyes off you.
Out of reflex you lift your eyes to see Kyungil staring at you with a confused look on his face. You respond to Moonie and set your phone aside.
YOU: It’s all in your imagination, pay attention to the meeting. :-P
Moonie snorts next to you making you grin and Kyungil frown. Yijeong picks his phone up next and your phone buzzes again.
SCM: What are you two laughing at? Share! I’m so bored!
Just to be onery you shoot back a text with a straight face;
YOU: Kyungil’s funny looking face.
Yijeong looks up and across the table smiling. His smile gets bigger as Kyungil scowls at him. He has finally put his phone down and quit trying to text whoever he was.
As the meeting comes to an end, Yijeong sends you a text as he’s heading out the door. As you unlock your phone to read it, your phone is taken out of your hand. You turn around ready to rip his head off, than realize that isn’t professional.
“Could I have my phone back please?”
“Where is your phone? This isn’t it.”
You can see him scrolling, the scowl on his face getting bigger. His face finally splits into a wicked grin;
“I see I’ve been upgraded to a jack-ass.”
You try for your phone again but he blocks you. You’ve never been more thankful for Moonie as he passes on the other side and swipes your phone from his hand.
“Gily my boy, what are you doing? Don’t you know that isn’t polite?”
His face morphs into something unreadable;
“Moonie, how’s it hanging?”
“It’s ‘hanging’ just fine thank you. Now tell me why you’re pestering this precious girl?”
He sneers as he repeats, “Precious girl?”
You decide you don’t need to hear any more. You take your phone from Moonie's hand; turn and walk out of the room.
As you exit the building you receive a phone call from Moonie.
“Don’t you be running away from me baby girl we got things to discuss! Now wait for me by that big potted plant, I’m two minutes behind you.”
You didn’t even get a word in; not even Hello. You wander over and sit on the edge of the potted plant; praying it’ll be Moonie coming out the doors next, not Kyungil. Your wish is granted as Moonie comes bustling out of the building; grabs your hand and starts to walk off for a taxi. Once inside the taxi he turns to you,
You just look over at him, trying your best to look confused.
“Spill what?”
He sighs exasperated.
“It would take a blind man to not notice the chemistry between you and Kyungil and honey, I’m no blind man. I'm confused by the way you respond to him, so I’m going to assume he’s the one you think hates you?”
You laugh bitterly,
“Think? Moonie, I don’t think, I know.”
“Oh? And how would you know? Has he come right out and said I hate you?”
“Pretty close.”
You relate to him all about Kyungil’s ‘list’ of things he has a problem with about you; ending with his reaction to you guys having gone clubbing.
You can see Moonie getting riled,
“American slut huh? I swear I thought I taught that boy better manners, you must have him in some pretty good knots.”
He’s taking Kyungil’s side? What?!?!
“Excuse me? Him? I’ve never done a thing to that Jack Ass!”
Moonie reaches over and pats your arm,
“It’s obvious dear that you don’t have to.”
You still look confused and unbelieving.
“Hmm, how do I explain so that you will understand?”
“I understand that one minute he kisses me, telling me he can’t get enough and the next he purposefully insults me. I don’t think I need to understand more than that.”
“But sugar you do. What you’re saying isn’t him acting like his normal self at all. Sure, he went through some rough times, they all do but what you’re explaining just isn't him.”
“That's what Jak keeps telling me but I have yet to see the proof of it. Did I forget to mention that Jiyong had to escort him out of our apartment?”
“He did? Oh dear, that must have been hard on him.”
“Again, him?!? Is it a guy thing to stick together?”
He simply shakes his head;
“Honey, did it ever occur to you that maybe that list of his started out one way and ended up another?”
“Excuse me?”
He settles in to explain.
“Some men; when confronted with feelings they don’t want will make a list. A list of positive and negative items about that person, that will help them figure things out. It sounds to me like he started a list of negatives and than realized they were actually the positives. He doesn’t hate you at all, I’d say he’s absolutely smitten.”
thank god, we have moonieto explain lol
Ya Moonie, help me figure out this gorgeous, confusing man!
I swear, Moonie is the love of my life.
Moonie to the rescue!! lol
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